Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?

-Depression’s up anxiety’s up -But I think they were but we didn’t know that yet -And that comes from a lack of innocence, right? And they’re not ready to handle it -Hi, I’m Mateo I am sixteen and I build robots -I’m Taylor. I’m 18 and I’m really passionate about singing and about music -Hi, I’m Isabella. I’m 16 and I fly a plane which is a Cessna 172 -Hi, I’m Fanny and I am not gonna say my age and I’m a filmmaker, -I’m Elizabeth. I’m 39 plus 1 and I am a film director. -I’m Jeremiah. I’m 41 I’m a Regional Sales Manager for a telecom company -Well, I’ll start, so right now I’m learning every like a new thing every day But like if I had a lot more years then by the time I’m like 90, I’ll know everything. -Yeah exactly -Yeah, just simple things like with learning how people around you act that you learned so much that you’re not gonna learn as a 10 year old -I think as parents I’d like to say I feel I know nothing. I mean literally every day I say to you I’m just guessing and the older I’ve got, the more I’ve realized that everybody else around me is winging it and they don’t know everything Either and we’re all just trying our best -like when you’re young you’re like, I know everything about everything, you know Now, from what I know to what I don’t know that’s you know Those two things are just completely on opposite ends of the spectrum for me All teens are rotten people, but It’s forced on you at a lot earlier age, online for teen boys. I mean they can find horrible images everywhere -I definitely do agree that there’s a lot more exposure. It’s not like an intentional thing. I don’t think kids are just like worse It’s just easier to get caught up in bad situations. -Okay, well I personally think that we’re more innocent now because parents you guys could get away with a lot more back in the day -Yeah, it was we were naughty we did a lot of things my parents never knew but now I can I can you know check on his phone where he’s at and -But sometimes you go down that rabbit hole where you do think your kids are super innocent And then you realize oh they have two snaps. What’s this other snap? What’s it? What’s this other Instagram? Oh, I have a dead one. You don’t know about Everybody has you know, I think you have to be more devious -Well, I mean this one time I got Instagram and all my friends added me They added me to the first Instagram account, that you parents don’t see and I was slightly disappointed in them as people, but -I didn’t know you had Instagram, see? -I got rid of it. -I think you have to give credit to some other kids I do I think that there are some kids who haven’t got to Instagram and actually trust is the biggest element for me as a parent I trust her. -Yeah, I mean if the question was do you think your teen is innocent? Oh and I say teens, uh -I still think it’s 50/50 your friends -I don’t know but suicide rates are up, depression’s up, anxiety’s up -I think they were, but we didnt know that yet And that comes from a lack of innocence right? -I think they were though I know three or four people in my class that had those problems, but they weren’t spoken of, I definitely agree that it’s more, I do -I think for me, it’s… I don’t know if you know how much I almost judge myself by seeing other people on social media -Yeah, I do because let me tell you I worry every day You don’t know this when I’m on your social media looking at all these other things that people have been doing Just hoping you haven’t seen it or that you’re not affected by it So I worry about that all the time, but I don’t say anything about it -this probably won’t be a surprise because you saw my grades from that year but In sophomore year I skipped math class like all the time. It was awful. So yeah, there’s that -You know One of the things that I don’t think you know about me is like I feel like I’m always holding my breath, you know I’m a lot softer person I’m you know When I get bored on my work conference call they tell you I doodle but I actually I write poetry in it a lot But I don’t exactly like to talk about it or put it out there -but you just did -I wish I knew more. *impersonates son* How was your day? Good. Please tell me what’s going on, please. I just want to know. -Like I could tell you a lot more about what I do But it’s pretty boring. – But like today on the way here, You told me you’re working on a documentary When you know, I’m a documentarian like shouldn’t I know these things like this is what I do for a living You know, I only have a couple years left before you go to college. I really want to Be a part of it -Yeah, I mean I made the decision to have kids and I gave up that control of really for me what I had, to raise A family and and it’s like my own fault, but I got kids out of it. That’s great I’ll take the win on that But you know, I want more control terms of what I want to do. That’s gonna make me happy and more fulfilled -Why I feel like I want more control, it’s not.. I wouldn’t even..I wouldn’t say it’s you or mom It’s.. I just would like like to be doing more things by now There’s so many things that I wish I knew like for music and like making an actual song and things like that So I feel like it’s more of that Environment holding me back then like home life -For me I really didn’t feel like I was in control of my own life. Now that I’m 40, I feel like I’m finally Grown into who I am truly as an adult and owning it. I’m in charge of my own life. There’s nobody else -I’m personally good with the amount of control I have Though I’d like it if you can show me how to control it myself so when I finally go to college And I’m independent I can actually know how to do these things. -Yeah, I think I’m currently very happy where I am with what I control cause I understand that there are some things that I don’t have control over and I think when the divorce happened having your parents Break up there’s To see something as big as that, that is something I hadn’t no control over but I knew that I could control how my room looked, what I ate, what I wore, I kind of embraced and took hold of because I knew that that’s all I had control over. -I don’t know about this one I think I’ll go. -Why are you shaking your head? -Like there’s always room for improvement so like Even if you’re at like the best you always want to get a better relationship with your parents -okay got it. -I just.. I feel like’s why I had kids when I was 20…by the time I was 22 I had both my kids because I was young parent I look at my kids I go “Oh that really.. that mess- that messed ’em up. Dang it They’re gonna remember that one”, you know, I just it’s like it’s hard because I know I haven’t been you know completely perfect, one I wish I could have a bunch of redos, but I can’t so moving forward I want to try to continue to work and get closer for sure -like at this point what like both like me and you are looking for is just how to how to Have like the father/daughter connections still after high school, and I think we both feel that really hard right now -yeah, I also had them young and you know, I’m divorced so single mom with two kids and this is pursuing the career while dating and I always feel like “oh my gosh, I did the whole thing wrong.” Because there I am going on dates and So I do feel like it had an impact in them. Especially Matteo, who’s my youngest -You were a lot, like you’re always gone a lot but doesn’t really change our relationship that much. I don’t think You having to date was a bad thing or having me early, Even though, you probably could’ve waited a little bit more And there’s, for me there’s always still room for improvement -It’s not me saying that I wish the relationship would stay where it was cause I think we’re in a good place I just don’t feel right now that it needs to be better. -Well in that I don’t think it’s definitely not perfect -Yeah, -but we’re learning at the same time to improve it constantly? Aren’t we? constantly checking in every day with each other We’re always changing and I think you have to work with that Hey guys, Kendra from Jubilee here. Thank you so much for watching this series middle ground. 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  1. I would like to see Parents (accepting and unaccepting) and LGBTQIA+ Teens. I think that would lead to one hell of a discussion.

  2. Hi I’m 13 and I have a big ego and a high self esteem
    The rarest thing that can happen to a teen these day drop a comment and drop the ego

  3. I wanted an emotionally unstable emo kid and their mother. I wanted to relate. I wanted that drama between them

  4. I think it’s funny how they only got the good types of kids not the type of kids that are in drugs alcohol ex…that would be the real conversation

  5. I had my son when I was to young, but I would never give him up. I have learned alot and grown a lot. I think many choices would have been different if I had a redo

  6. My dads biggest regret is showing me (an animal lover) the planet of the ape's balcony scene. (and also gremlins)

  7. I think you do know more as you get older, but you have different knowledge than other people, even if it's people you're always around, like you children/parents.

  8. They said depression and anxiety are up but what if it's just that people talk more about it that teens feel safer to speak up? They can say things anonymously online as ways of getting support. And as the population gets bigger you also have more people which then means there would be more with some sort of mental disability right?

  9. I don’t like how they picked teens that basically think the same . Like I disagreed with almost everything they said because the conversation basically didn’t go anywhere .

  10. Love Middle Ground! I’ve binged a lot of episodes lately and appreciate how much variety there is in the topics. A few ideas for future episodes:

    Introverts vs. extroverts, interracial couples vs. same-race couples, college professors vs. college students, cat owners vs. dog owners (as a more fun one!)

  11. Just A suggestion, maybe do a teen and adults can see Eye 2 Eye video where the teens don’t have any relationship to the adult. I think that would make for an interesting discussion if they don’t feel like the parents are looking over what they say.

  12. This kid actin like his mom gonna teach him how to have control over his life 😂😂you learn that yourself

  13. The way I see it nowadays adults are just big ass children who happen to drive and pay taxes. You really don't grow up. Hate when an aDuLt thinks their special cause their older. PlEEaaaSEe.

  14. Why is every person in this video so successful even the 16 yr old . Their all so mentally stable . If this was normal teenagers wit their parents they would all be arguing very loud

  15. i wish they could bring kids in with more of a unstable position and not just basic problems. they’re could be such a better talk with kids that have been through things.

  16. mateo is that kid from school with all the highest grades and the suck up to teachers he would be the one who snitched on you for chewing gum lmao

  17. "Suicide rates are up, anxiety is up, depression is up, and that comes from a lack of innocence."
    Actually that comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain. If anything those are the things that make you less innocent, not a lack of innocence leading up to those.

  18. I feel soo pathetic compared to these kids.There they are making planes and finding the cure to cancer and here I am trying to complete my maths homework.

  19. Man these people are too perfect lmao

    Great job though! They're all beautiful people. I'm OBSESSED with the British family.

  20. Please do one with people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and suicide and people who don't. I suffer from them myself and often find that people who don't just think I can turn it off or stop.

  21. Kid One: I build robots

    Kid Two: Im passionate about singing and music

    Kid Three: I fly planes
    Most kids: i.. watch a lot of netflix?

  22. i have a horrible relationship with my mom most of the time. i wish i had a good relationship like isabelle and her mom

  23. These teens have such strong connections with their parents. I’d love to see a video with more strained relationships between the parents and not even teens but young adults or even older generations and their parents. The question “I wish my relationship with the other side was better” would be so much more emotional and raw between families that do struggle to connect with each other. Real human emotion from families with more controversy.

  24. Her:single mom, 2 kids..
    My mom: a mom with 11 kidshadmy sis when she was17 got married when she was 15 but was forced to then divorced the guy she was forced to be with and went with the guy that she loved and thats my dad but hes so mean to me. but its her love so idc

  25. It’s creepy that these parents watch their kids’ social media! My parents know that I have it but they don’t stalk me

  26. Kids don't realize how difficult it is to have kids until you have yours. Kids think that their parents may not understand them. We adults were kids at one time

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