Can Feminists and Non-Feminists Agree On Gender Equality?


  1. good discussion but I dont believe planned parenthood should be funded with taxpayer dollars period. Women are more free today than in any other time in history and are doing fine and have it easier than men in the USA.

  2. 12:03 those men were not making the choices for women. They were making the choices for the child. What's so wrong with that? Honestly, if I could, I would have been there, as a woman, standing up the the ones who can't stand up for themselves.

  3. Sometimes I feel like feminists don't want equality. Whenever they're given the bright side of a situation they always do their best to find the negative because if they don't, they have nothing more to argue about. In some circumstances I really feel like they're just nitpicking to find the bad in all the good.

  4. Yellow shirt: "I'm not interested in shaping feminism to accomodate men"

    White shirt: "What's the definition of feminism"

    Yellow shirt: "blahblahblah equality"


  5. The men were killing it here, yet the Middle Ground creators continually cut to that ignorant, sloganizing yellow-shirted chick to enhance tension.

  6. What health care procedure are men required to get government sanction/permission to obtain? Would they even consider that the government has any right to say one thing or another about their health care choices? Didn’t think so… Feminism is simple, and the woman in the good shirt stated it rightly: the social, economic and political equality among the sexes. Until it is achieved, our society will never reach its potential.

  7. The reason the suicide rate is higher in men is because of the stigma that women get all the feelings. So maybe once we start viewing women as strong and stop telling our friends “hey? are you crying? Maaannn stop bein a pussy” then we can get some men to admit they have feelings and help them.

  8. I think modern day "feminists" do not have the same morals as the actual definition of a feminists. I do not identify as a feminist because there are some people who do identify as a feminist that think all the issues in the world revolve around women and should be blamed on men and I believe that is a toxic mindset and I would not like to be thought to have that mindset. BUT I don't think it's fair or okay to say that you hate feminists because yes there are those women (or maybe men) who are the toxic feminists, but there are still people who identify as feminists but in the way where they believe it's about equality. I believe that if not for the negative stigma towards the word feminist because of the people who have the toxic beliefs, that more people would be feminists.

  9. None of the people in this video are oppressed in any way shape or form if the feminists moved to South Africa they realize that they're extremely privileged and safe in their country.

  10. I am surprised about how many people actually support the guy wearing the white hoodie.
    He is basically saying that society prefers more "qualified" people and those people "happen" to be mostly male. He is ignoring the fact that in this patriarchic environment, women do have less chance of getting higher education and they cannot help being influenced by social culture teaching them to be a certain way.
    How can there be more female politicians if little girls see a whole wall of male presidents' pictures? How can there be more women in the STEM field if social culture tells them that those are too hard for girls? Why are there no parents saying to their sons "Teacher is a great profession for you because you can live a happy easy life and really know how to teach your children"? If people really think that being a primary school teacher and being a scientist is equally respected and important for society, I can at least say "different but equal". However, that is not the case.
    So white hoodie supporters really think that "although the environment orients women to go on certain paths, it is their faults making decisions not to get a higher-paid job"? How refreshing.
    Feminist movements can get really complicated and I don't support some of them advocating privileges but not equality. A lot of time I don't even label myself as feminist so things can be easier. But when I see some men nagging about how they are the oppressed ones now, I will just be like "go search the difference in average payments, education level, and professions then talk".

  11. This video didn't really say anything. The white, blue-shirt dude doesn't get it, and the white-hoodie guy is missing the mark a bit. Everyone seemed to speaking ideals without addressing any actual issues.

    First, women choose certain areas of study and careers BECAUSE of sexism. On the surface, you can say it's a choice, but it's the same thing as saying you have the choice to work and study in a happy, healthy environment or an unhappy, unhealthy one. Who would "choose" the latter? I ain't a woman, but the majority of men (in my experience) in the trades and tech do NOT see or treat women as equals. They make degrading comments on a daily basis (also homophobic comments). It makes me not want to work in those fields, so why expect women to want to? The same can be said for government, or any other traditional, male-dominated areas. I've seen women in positions of authority being treated less than their male co-workers even when they were more educated or experienced. Many men don't take women seriously and that's an issue of sexism and third-wave feminism.

    Egalitarianism erases the issue of gender. Ideally, gender wouldn't exist. But it does and it plays a huge roll in our social lives. So, until the world is gender-free, I'm a feminist (as yes, feminists address male issues too, contrary to popular belief and white-hoody guy's comment). Also, wage and earning gap is the same thing. I'm not sure what white-hoodie guy was trying to say there.

    There's a difference between what SHOULD happen and what DOES or is happen(ing). Taking women more seriously and not treating them like intellectual or professional inferiors would help everyone.

  12. I agree that men are oppressed and women are also oppressed in different ways. Men and women have privilege. C’mon ladies. We get free drinks/free entry bc were stressing about our pay. It’s a balance (this is a joke hehe)

  13. Yellow shirt is a classic example of a feminist everyone hates. Everyone else in the video is fine except the yellow shirt person. Also to the yellow shirt person neither Hillary nor trump qualified candidates in my book.

  14. I'm a feminist, but I'm tired of people complaining about men making choices that are in government positions. If people got out and voted there may be a larger female presence in government… Voting and ensuring that people that are in office are for women and men's rights…

  15. Girl in yellow shirt is the only person who knows how to talk about systemic sexism. Everyone else just uses anecdotal evidence to suppress the feminist MOVEMENT. Idgaf if these people have “good intentions.” Good intentions don’t raise women’s pay, doesn’t stop sexual assault, doesn’t change gender disparity in within tech, doesn’t stop the brain drain in tech, will not change anything. Period. I would suggest they all read bell hook’s Feminism is for Everybody and realize that feminism benefits men as well because patriarchy is bad for everyone

  16. I respect the guy in the black. We may have differing opinions, but he was very receptive and open minded, also coming in with personal stories and not just talking to talk.

  17. As a Medicine Student I don't get how the feminists can say that there are more men in higher education, In my university, in Medicine, women make more than 65% of the students, and about as much or more of the teachers as well.
    And it's the same in other health branches of study.
    Women can become whatever they want to become if they make the effort, just the same as men.

  18. Btw, why do they have so much of this victim complex in the United States? You should learn from people from… any other country around the world? It's a miracle that people waste so much time complaining about fantasies and it's still one of the best countries in the world.

  19. Even though they didn’t show much of him can we get an applause for the gentleman in the blue shirt who really broke things down in a brief and understandable way.

  20. "Many more men are in academia and higher education". Here's a solution. Stop slutting around, focus on your studies, reach for a surgeon rather than a damn pharmacist, and stop blaming men because you can't figure out how to close your legs and get your higher education. No one forced you to let Richard stick his cucumber in your fruit basket sweetie.

    For anyone that takes my last comment as dismissing rape, get your head out of your ass and use some common sense. I recognize how horrible rape is, but I never mentioned nor dismissed it. I already know someone is going to try to comment on it. Thank you!

  21. the guy in the white hoodie is great, and I’m sure he will become more pro feminist over time

    the woman in the yellow sweater is awesome that’s obvious

    comments are toxic

  22. I think feminism should be more active in third world countries, middle East, and Asia, Maybe South America, but South America is a wild card don't go there.

  23. I really don’t think that Hillary Clinton didn’t win because she was a women. The only reason she got so far in the race, WAS BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMEN.

  24. Just by watching odd one out or Middle ground, I have found that men are more likely to be trusted and believed than women. Even I often get the sentiment that there is that “one angry female” who “thinks she knows everything” comparing to the wiser males. (look at vaccine vs anti vaccine / 6 vegans and 1 meat eater / do all muslims see eye to eye…) Not to say that I agree with these womens’ conceptions of life but they are more likely to be stigmatized than men who have that kind of attitude.

  25. Can we stop defending feminists and stop defending EQUALITY??

    Seriously feminists just want equality for women AND men. Saying they’re all crazy man haters is like saying all right wing people are Nazis.

  26. It is funny to me how every feminist is talking about male privilege. Yes there are male benefits but they forget about male resposabilletys and all things that sucks being a man. Like when a women in my workplace is just a little sick everyone cares about her and acts nice towards her when i feel bad noone gives a sh*t. When wemen cry all help is there when we cry in public we are seen as wheak little p*ssys. Ya male privilege is real right?

  27. I stand for the definition of feminism, but I do not support today's "feminist movement"
    That yellow shirt girl need stop cutting people off.

  28. I find it kinda funny that guy in the white hoodie was a non feminist when he was fighting for equality being male and female, and yellow shirt girl was a feminist fighting solely for a woman's space and woman's equality. Like, no, you should swap round 😂 I hate how twisted the media has made feminism. It's about choice. Feminism is about equality, not shutting men out but allowing them to be men. Redefining gender to be difference, not strength (men) or weakness (female). Men's perceived strength is their biggest weakness, a womans perceived weakness if their biggest strength. Ugh. Education fixes these things I think. Instead of fighting over everything little thing, we should teaching and listening to eachother. Men and woman.

  29. The girl in the yellow isn’t toxic, the real toxic and selfish one is the man in the white hoodie. And if you fail to see that then maybe you should look back at your own systematic sexism.
    You see, the problem with his statement is that he seems to believe that Feminism needs to be “approved” by him, approved by men. Like how everything else in this world is. THAT is privilege.
    In the sexist world that we live in, men are the oppressor. Historically and in present-day as well. Yes, Men and Women should be equal. Not should be equal, but NEED to be equal. And in order for that to happen, we need the oppressing force to back down and allow the oppressed group rise up to reach their level. But this guy’s whole argument is “Well what about me? What about us? Me me me me men have a problem too”
    By having this kind of “Me” mentality he is actually getting in the way of any actual progress towards equality.
    Imagine you have poor people and rich people fighting for equality and the poor are like “We’re treated unfairly, we’re discriminated agains, we need help. We are starving, we can’t afford food, we can’t afford rent. We want to be on your level we want to be equal to you”
    And the rich are like “Oh but what about me? I have problems too. I have soo many problems as a rich person, I have to pay so many taxes. If you really cared about equality you’d care about my problems too.”
    In order for us to actually become equal someday the privileged need to acknowledge their privilege first.
    And THAT’s why she said “I don’t need to adjust my feminism for it to be digestible to you.”
    Because he was acting as if feminism needed to be customized to meet HIS needs rather than looking at the bigger picture.

  30. Tad sad about the hate on the girl with the yellow jumper. I agreed with some points, I disagreed with some points – same with all of them. I saw her no different than the others here.

  31. The main problem i had with this was the white shirt guy who kept saying than the femisnist movement only fights for women's rights when men go through the same thing but that is exactly the mentality that ia the problem. Mens suffering in never brought up as it is its only ever brought up to invalidate a woman. Oh men are raped TOO. Oh men are oppressed TOO. No thats not how it works. These are serious problems that should be talked abt but when i only hear men talk abt them in such settings i never take it seriously. Also i really want to know in what ways is a white probably straight man oppressed. Ofcourse everyone has stress and life but women + minorities go through that along with being oppressed.

  32. Feminists are like king cobras saying black mambas are bad snakes because they eat other snakes. In conclusion, you make no sense

  33. I don’t think feminism is fully about wanting equality…it’s more women wanting things to be more fair towards them and not caring about men it’s just “we don’t get what they do and it isn’t fair.” So in a way it is about equality but at the same time it’s not if that makes sense.

  34. Feminists always say that women are put into worse situations career wise. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but statistically men go into more stem related fields than men which pay well. Yes their mom has a masters degree but in what though?

  35. see, im wondering (havent watched this yet) is it not-crazy femininsts and masoganists, or batshit crazy feminists and non-crazy people?

  36. In UK they refuse to sell men morning after pills. And when your gf goes with you they question whether the man forced you to do it. Yet they allow women to buy condoms. Explain?

  37. Men should be the one supporting women to go far in life rather than oppressing women to low standard of living. By following 80's of women idea that they worth something less than a men could do/ have. Also,the 'men' should be participating in child care, housework etc where every deem women's 'job' in order to show child/ family that it takes two to tango in EQUALITY.

  38. 11:40 Justin Trudeau has had a cabinet full of women and his authority is falling apart, because he hired based on gender, not experience

  39. I kinda feel bad for the African American lady. She's in a professional position that can make a huge difference in society, yet she wastes it due to her ignorance and lack of understanding when it comes to actual feminism. Sad.

  40. You're not a fuckin feminist if you favor women. I am a feminist but just because some other people believe men should be lower than women and consider that feminism doesn't mean I agree with them. I believe in equal rights. Women have been looked down upon for years I as a true feminist want women to be considered equal

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