Building our vision for the future: learn about Metro’s FY21 budget process

– [Narrator] There’s a movement in LA. We’re creating the best life
possible for our families and communities. That means dozens of new
transportation projects that connect us to jobs, schools, and opportunities to explore
everything LA has to offer. Building our vision for
the future is made possible by local sales tax measures,
state and federal funding, fares, bonds, and other
revenue sources that make up our over seven billion
dollar annual budget. As an LA County tax payer
you have already voted to allocate much of this
budget to specific projects, programs, and initiatives. We collect your comments year
round via email, phone calls, mail, public community meetings, and online comment forums. Your feedback helps us shape the budget that we present to the
metro board of directors before the start of each fiscal year. As part of that process we
want to hear more from you about your transportation priorities. Join the movement, tell us
what’s important to you. Visit
(gentle music)

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