Bladder Medication Linked To Dangerous Eye Problems

A popular bladder medication called Elmiron
has now been linked to very serious side effects that affect a patient’s eyes and their vision. Joining me now to talk about this investigation
is Scott Hardy with top class actions and Scott, unfortunately this is a very common
story. We see this with a lot of pharmaceuticals
all the time. One of the biggest areas of, of, of legal
practice in the country today is bad pharmaceuticals and it looks like we may have another one
on our hands. So tell us what’s happening here. Sure. So we’ve actually reported on Elmiron in the
past, and it’s connection to possible macular degeneration, but what’s really peaking attorney’s
interest right now is the connection to pigmentary macula, maculopathy. And so it’s similar to macular degeneration,
but it can also result in blindness for people. A very good friend of top class actions was
just talking to me last night and she said, she’s got this bladder condition. And she said, you know, Scott, I wanted to
take Elmiron because the bladder condition is so painful. It’s, it’s terrible. But knowing about this side effect, I don’t
want to go blind and there are support groups of people out there that take Elmiron and
that have said, yeah, I’m starting to see some of these symptoms. And so that’s what these attorneys are going
after because people haven’t been warned that if they take Elmiron for this bladder issue
that they could go blind and it’s, it hasn’t been populated out there and this is the only
drug that’s affective for this specific condition. So it puts these folks in a very tough position
of, do I, do I suffer the pain and the discomfort of having this, this bladder issue? Or do I roll the dice and take Elmiron for
some relief and hope that I don’t have permanent vision problems after taking it? See, that’s a really interesting point there
because usually what we see in the cases of these pharmaceuticals, the lawsuits, is it’ll
be a relatively new drug that’ll come out and the pharmaceutical companies go out there
and tell doctors, hey, our drug is way more better than something that’s been on the market
for 20 years. So please start prescribing this and then
the side effects pop up. The patient has to switch to the other. But in this one, as you say, there is no other
one. So we’re not looking at necessarily the same
scenario that we typically see with these pharmaceutical cases where they push something
they know is dangerous as better than something that is not. So this is a very tough position I guess for,
for these patients to be in. And, you know, you mentioned somebody you
know has a bladder condition, a family member of mine has one and these are exceedingly
painful for people. They, they want relief, they need relief and
it’s going to put them in the position, well do I want this pain, this constant pain to
stop and possibly go blind or do I just live with pain and not risk it? That’s a horrible choice for anyone to have
to make. It really is and the problem is that people
don’t know if they will be impacted by it and they don’t know if they can start taking
Elmiron and get some relief for their bladder issue and then start experiencing partial
blindness, blurred vision, other problems, and then go, okay well I’m going to stop. Because unfortunately some of these medical
issues, once that ball starts rolling down that hill, there is no stopping it and so
it’s unclear, you know, I’ve had friends with MS that were taking a specific drug and then
as soon as they tested positive for a certain condition, they stopped taking it. Because it could cause death, once they tested
positive. For this one, they don’t know. You know, if you’re taking Elmiron and then
all of a sudden you start having blurry vision, you start having vision issues and you stop
taking the drug, it might be too late. And that’s what we, you know, I’d love for
the makers of Elmiron to come out and say, hey, here’s a strategy. Because that’s what they did with this MS
drug is they said, hey, our drug works and so we’re going to test you every six months
and as soon as you hit positive for this specific condition, we’ll tell you if you continue
taking this drug and you have this condition, it can kill you. What do you want to do? Elmiron hopefully will have a similar strategy
to come out with and say, we’ll run tests, use our drug, get that relief that you want. But here’s some tests and if you start suffering
these problems, then we’ll pull you off it, then we’ll figure out a new treatment solution. Absolutely. So let’s hope that that happens. As of right now, obviously this investigation
is still ongoing and, you know, if it yields the results that it’s already been yielding,
we can expect, you know, pretty significant lawsuits in the near future. So folks, if you’re on this drug, if you know
anybody on this drug, please follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to top class actions and if you
haven’t already done so, please do subscribe to their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with top class actions, always
a pleasure. Thank you. You’re welcome. Thanks for your time.


  1. Ffs! At this rate I’m going to be lucky to hold on to my big toe! These drug companies need much further controls!!!

  2. I really enjoy and appreciate the political / government insight. This feels too much like a bias paid program commercial. Not a fan.

  3. We should cancel "fast-tracted" drugs that H.W. Bush foisted upon us all. So many drugs and chemicals are used and then later prove: haste makes death and misery.


    Resveratrol-based Nutraceutical Improves Symptoms of Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    Improvement in visual function has been reported in AMD patients taking capsules of the oral nutraceutical Longevinex, a supplement consisting of red wine solids (resveratrol) combined with 1,200 IU of vitamin D3, DNA repair nucleotides, and a cholesterol-lowering solubilizing agent, B cyclodextrin.

    This combination has six times greater biological action than resveratrol alone and prevented legal blindness in a patient with a fast progressive form of exudative  macular degeneration, polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy — in whom treatment with injected drugs had failed.

    The effect of Longevinex on dark adaptation in 7 patients — or 14 eyes — with atrophic AMD was recently assessed by Stuart Richer, OD, PhD, FAAO, (pictured) director of the Ocular Preventative Medicine Eye Clinic at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago, Illinois. 

    Retinal Effects of Resveratrol
    Ross A Jarratt, Hannah Bartlett, Frank Eperjesi
    US Ophthalmic Review, 2013;6(2):132–4 DOI:
    Abstract: Resveratrol is a plant polyphenol that has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Age-related macular degeneration is a degenerative condition characterized by elevated levels of oxidation triggered cell damage and a subsequent inflammatory cascade. Resveratrol prevents activation of inflammatory pathways and is also a potent scavenger of reactive oxygen species and free radicals. Experiments using the mouse model have demonstrated that resveratrol reduces angiogenesis. The evidence suggests that resveratrol would be a useful inclusion in ocular nutritional supplements.
    Keywords: Angiogenesis, inflammation, maculopathy, oxidation, resveratrol, retina
    Disclosure: The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.
    Received: April 15, 2013 Accepted May 20, 2013

  5. I been taking this medicine for years and I though my sight was getting bad because of me getting older. Might have to have it checked to make sure

  6. How about for now gov just take care of people for free because people didn't start this coronavirus crisis

  7. I've had incontinence for a whole lotta years. I would take adult diapers over going blind any day of the week. You can live a perfectly full life while dealing with urinary incontinence. It is much more difficult to live a full life if you go blind. Diapers have no secondary health detriments.

  8. This medication is used to help with bladder pain that can be debilitating. It can vary in severity, my case is severe and classified as a federal disability.

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