BGR Spotlight Video 2018 Sarah’s Floaters

Hi, welcome to what is already one of the
most shocking seasons in team-leader history.
Three years ago, Theodore Luxembourg walked into this very mansion to start a
journey that was supposed to end with him finding the supervisor of his dreams.
Instead, it turned out to be the most controversial Team Leader finale ever. TV
viewers across America were stunned, some even infuriated. This season, he is
back for redemption and to find the supervisor that is perfect for him Hi, I’m Quin I’m a sweet mountain boy from Colorado
Springs, Colorado. I’m a cool student, a hot supervisor and a loyal friend until you cross me. Hi I’m Anna Renkle from the beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. So my
philosophy on BGR is this: this is something that I live by and I always
will don’t ever, for any reason, ever no matter
what, no matter who you, are or who you’re with or where you are going for any
reason whatsoever ever I’m Alyssa and I’m from Morris Illinois, a small country
town you’ve probably never heard of. For me,
being a supervisor is a full-time job, but being a fabulous one is a calling Oh hi, I’m Ryan I’m from Springfield. Would I
rather have my TL’s fear or love me? I’d have to say both I want them to fear
how much they love me Hi my name is Sara Lynch and I’m from Annapolis
Maryland. Nobody steals team leaders from Sara Lynch and gets away with it. Last person to do that disappeared. His name? Sara Lynch. Oh hey, didn’t see you
there my name is Colin and I’m from
Indianapolis. You know a wise man named Zack Rice once told me to find what
you’re passionate about and pursue it. So naturally I started eating more
bagels. Who’s my role model you might ask? Well, that’s easy. The Einstein Brothers: the
pioneers of pastry No matter what anyone says, even if you feel like giving up,
ever, for any reason, ever Hi, I’m Candice, and I’m from Diamond
Bar, California. I have flaws. What are they? I sing in the shower sometimes. I spend
too much time volunteering. Occasionally, I’ll hit someone with a car. I’m Patrick
Foster, from Orland Park, Illinois and I’m so excited for the 25th anniversary of
BGR the way I see it history began in
1993. Everything before that is just a mistake. Hi I’m Shannon, and I’m from historic Yorktown, Virginia. I’m not a
supervisor, but I am a little-visor! Oh, hey there. Just mixing up the gains. My
name is Zidaan, I’m from San Ramon California and like I’m just like all
about like send chill vibes you know like the other day we were at this
trampoline park and we were just like bouncing like kablah and then like
kablah and then I was just like posted up like wow and then like in one
moment I just like crashed into my buddy in the air and it was just like kablah but like it was steez Hey, I’m Amy and I’m from Cicero, Indiana. So what do I do in my
free time? I return lost neck wallets there oh so thankful owners I obey all
crosswalk rules and of course I CBD all night long. Hi, my name is Olivia and I’m from Fishers Indiana. When I was
five I imagine there was such thing as a perfect team leader and this was before
I had ever seen one or heard of one i just drew this picture of a guy who
carried a beacon and wore a neck wallet i was 5 years old! I couldn’t even talk
yet Hello, I’m Teddy Lin, I’m from Taipei Taiwan. Everything happens for a reason why else would I be so beautiful? Hi there my name is Bhavana and I’m from
East Windsor, New Jersey which is a town you’ve probably never heard of. I have
one rule in life, and that is we have to remember what’s important. Friends,
waffles and work or waffles friends and work but work has to come
third. wherever, whenever, whoever you are wherever you’re going
whatever you want to be ever wait what was the question? Right off the bat,
Candice and I are hitting it off, automatically I could just tell we’re
going to be the best of buddies but I’m still gonna be Theodore’s supervisor. I try to talk to Quin and be his buddy, but that’s like being
friends with an evil snail oh look, it’s Quin! Hi Quin how you doing UM Candice you gotta slow down Candice
Candice stop oh my god Oh Oh God I like it see Olivia as my biggest competition. She’s like way too interested in becoming a supervisor like it really scares me
I’ve heard some people say she’s just like not human. I think if there’s one person
that I think won’t make it, it’s Sara. She is too worried about “the structure” of
“the system” and I really think she just needs to go with the flow. Literally Olivia you’re just being so rude right now Patrick and I have been working really well together we’re even
writing a song T.L. I wanna be your super. She wants to be your super We want to be your super Theodore We want to be your super We’re gonna be your super For B G R Take it away, Alyssa! So Bhavana, what do you think of Zidaan? Hm, what do I think of Zidaan? You know I don’t know half the time when he talks he uses these like crazy hand
motions and I’m like what is going on so to me it’s like being front of a puzzle
because I could never decode what he’s saying so I don’t even know what to
think about him Yeah so I was like super stoked that I got Bhavana as my buddy
like I’m pretty sure my TL’s are gonna be in good hands but like low-key
though, like the lowest key, like I don’t think she really understands my jargon, you
know, like she kind of just like hits me with this weird look like she’s just
kind of like tweaking like whaaaa Boiler Gold Rush perfect already. You know why? because I’m
part of it TL, get ready for the best experience I
think Teddy has a lot to learn from me he needs to live sleep and breathe BGR I
have my work cut out for me Ryan, I’m sorry for laughing at you got one time
that diarrhea during BGR, and I’m sorry for telling everyone about it too
and for repeating it right now. It’s fine I have to go I saw Shannon eating a muffin yesterday. I have never felt such betrayal. Yeah, I ate a muffin yesterday. No one above six five deserves Theodore. I don’t talk trash, I talk smack. It’s different. and the final rose goes to Next week on the T.L.

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