Best Ways To Get Rid Of Eye Bags, Dark Circles And Puffiness

Do you want to know my secrets for getting
rid of dark circles? I used to suffer from puffiness in the under
eye area and the most dreaded eye bags! I used to be scared to look at myself in the
mirror! And, ended up using all kinds of makeup to
hide them up! But look at me now! If you want to know more, keep watching this
video! So, I love travelling and this is a picture
from my last vacation. I know the background is stunning, but what
else can you see? Look at my eye bags and dark circles! They were so bad! And, I did not even post a single picture
on Instagram or Facebook! It was such a bummer! So, when I came back I was determined to get
rid of them. Initially I used a lot of makeup to cover
them up. Then I tried a lot of those under eye creams,
and nothing worked. Eventually I discovered the time tested ways
to get rid of dark circles, puffiness and eye bags. And, I’m so glad I got rid of them. In this video I’m going to tell you how
did I achieve this miraculous feat. I’m also going to tell you what causes eye
bags, dark circles and puffiness Also, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel
yet, do it now! Because we have a lot great content about
beauty, remedies hair care and so much more for you! Okay, let’s jump right in! Eye Bags: Eye bags are those small areas just under
your eyes that are swollen and puffy. They are quite common. I know because I struggled with them and all
my friends are constantly looking for ways to get rid of eye bags. But first let’s look at what causes them While eye bags become more common the older
you get, it’s not just about age. Did you know that the skin around your eyes
is a lot thinner (6 times thinner) than the skin around the rest of your face! Moisturizing is also an issue as there are
no oil glands present. Under eye bags or puffiness under the eyes
can be caused by a number of reasons. Sometimes there is excess moisture retention
in the skin just under your eyes. It can also be caused by the weakening of
the skin tissue just under your eyes. Fat, which helps support the eyes can sometimes
move into the lower lower eyelids. This is what gives the appearance of puffiness. Dark Circles: Dark circles are one problem I REALLY struggled
with. It can be so humiliating because they never
go unnoticed! And then, everyone you meet questions why
you look so dull and tired! And dark circles even make you look at bit
older.! When I had dark circles people always assumed
I was not getting enough sleep or I was way too stressed. But there are other factors as well! Some people have a genetic tendency to develop
dark circles much easier than other people. Other common factors are: Eyes being strained
Allergies Age
UV Damage Dehydrated Skin Okay now that we know what they are and what
causes them, let’s look at how to treat eye bags, puffiness and dark circles under
your eyes. 1. Cucumbers Everyone knows that cucumbers are great for
your skin. But do you know why ? Cucumbers are astringent
which means they help reduce swelling and inflammation. Now if you want to combine the benefits of
cucumber and caffeine you can do what I did and order this caffeine and cucumber eye cream
from Neemli. It has all the benefits of cucumbers and caffeine
and a lot more! It is also 100 % free from petrochemicals,
animal products, PEGs, synthetic colors, alcohol, and parabens. Some of its other ingredients are Shea butter,
Sweet almond Oil, Carrot seed Oil, Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, jojoba, lavender and more! Here’s how I applied it. I took a little bit of the product on my ring
finger. Why my ring finger? Because it is the weakest finger, which means
you will be extremely gentle. So, very gently, dab it under your eyes, like
this. This product really helped me out with my
eye bags and dark circles, so yeah, thank you Neemli! If you’re planning on getting this product
do what I did and use it in the night, after you remove your makeup and finish your skin
care routine. 2. Drink More Water
One of the easiest way to avoid eye bags is to drink a lot of water because you can start
doing it immediately. I have actually downloaded an app that reminds
me every hour to have water. Here you go I got the notification now! I now take being hydrated very seriously. (Drinks water from a glass kept next to her) Puffiness and eye bags are a result of too
much water retention. The simple fact is the more water that you
drink, the less you will retain. You can also look at reducing your sodium
(salt) intake. Sodium can dehydrate your body and increase
the amount of water you are retaining. 3. Tea Bags I love green tea because it comes loaded with
antioxidants that keep you and your skin healthy! But don’t throw away the tea bags when you’re
done! There’s an added benefit that you may not
have heard of earlier. Wait for the tea bags to cool. Place them over your eyes like this and keep
it on for 5 to 10 minutes. The caffeine in the bags will be absorbed
by your skin. This constricts blood vessels and helps reduce
puffiness, swelling and inflammation. 4. Use Sunscreen Every Time You Step Out I can’t stress this enough, you need to
use sunscreen regularly! I prefer using SPF 30 but you should use what
works for your skin tone and skin type. Sun damage reduces the amount of collagen
in your skin which leads to dark circles. A quick tip,it’s worth investing in a great
pair of sunglasses. They don’t just protect your eyes from dust
but also protect the sensitive skin just under your eyes. 5. Remove Your Makeup Before You Sleep Keeping your makeup on overnight can lead
to all sorts of problems for your skin! Clogged pores can irritate skin, causing irritation,
inflammation and basically making everything worse. If you’re trying to get rid of puffiness
and dark circles then this is something you simply cannot forget. And, now I’m going to tell you a few bonus
tips! These are popular new age methods that are
trending on the internet in the fight against eye puffiness and dark circles. I found them simple and effective, you too
can try it out for yourself! Steel Spoons All you need to do for this, is take a couple
of steel spoons and place them in the freezer. Once they’re nice and cool, place them over
your eyes like this. The cold, applied directly under your eyes
can help constrict blood vessels, reducing inflammation. 2. Frozen Napkins This works just like the spoon trick only
with a wet paper napkin. Wet it slightly and place it in the freezer. Then place it over your eyes like this. 3. Stick To A Sleep Schedule Your lifestyle choices play a huge part in
keeping your skin healthy. I have noticed that the days I sleep well
I hardly have any under eye issues. Sleeping around the same time every night
will ensure that your body gets enough rest. I’ve heard of women using two pillows under
their head so that their head is slightly higher than their body. This helps drain moisture, but I’m not sure
if that works or not. Also just a tip, make sure you change your
sheets often. They can be full of dust, dirt and germs that
could lead to allergies and create skin issues. I prefer sleeping face down but I have changed
this over time. If you sleep facing down, it leads to liquid
gathering under your eyes, increasing puffiness. So, make sure you sleep on your back. And, there you have it, the Best Ways To Get
Rid Of Eye Bags, Puffiness And Dark Circles! it’s completely your choice how you want
to treat your dark circles and puffiness, please remember that they are natural and
happen to everyone! If you follow these tips and tricks in your
daily schedule, you can reduce their frequency for sure! And even feel refreshed and rested. So try them out and let me know in the comments
below what remedy worked for you the best?! Thank you so much for watching this video. If you found it useful please make sure to
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