BEST UNDER EYE CONCEALER! Correct Under eye circles AND hyperpigmentation!

Everyone welcome to my channel if you are new here Welcome, and I hope that you will hit that subscribe button if you’re coming back to watch another video Thank you so much for coming here and watching I really Really appreciate it Today what I have for you is how I conceal my aging Dark Circles, and sirs the deal I have kind of like a two-fold thing because not only do I have the Traditional Dark Circles, which was you know the bluish, but I also have some serious hyperpigmentation That I’m trying to cover as in dark spots and whatnot all around the eyes So it kind of gives me that sort of halo of brown speckles that it’s very difficult to cover because it’s not Continuous color it’s not like one thing so I’m finding that I absolutely have to use a corrector and the concealer But if you like the products that I have discovered and I love them in conjunction with each other So if you want to see how I take myself from a serious raccoon to not so much, then just keep on watching I’m going to try a new foundation for me it is actually the lemare soft fluid foundation it is an awesome foundation and It’s totally worth the splurge So please also ignore my fingers they are blue I’ve been doing some painting with my daughter this morning on a craft project and yeah, they’re all stained up and gnArly so what I’m going to do because I am Wanting to show you the dark circle video is I am not going to put my foundation near My under-eye circles. I really want to show you what I do because a lot of times. I actually do use foundation To help, but I’m not going on today but my under-eye circles are a combination of my Dark circles are actually a combination of hyperpigmentation and Blue so they’re challenging because they’re brown spots from the days of Sun damage and They’re also some blue veins and stuff shining through as My skin is thinning as I get older and in the viewfinder. I’m going to tell you guys this foundation looks like it’s light It’s not I actually do also have awesomely some Kind of Pregnancy Mask like hyperpigmentation Melasma that basically never went away I had my first child and I got some had my second child and I got more so I always feel like I’m trying to match so you can see it really matches my neck and It is not a light light color by any means. It’s totally a medium probably like an NC 23 25 and I actually have to take some color out of my face I’ll go back in with bronzer and whatnot but I look really muddy if I match the pigment the hyperpigmentation So I always have to find that happy medium and I’m sure there’s lots of you out there like that And it’s been kind of an interesting I Don’t to say struggle because makeups not a struggle But it’s been an interesting journey trying to figure out where I fit in the foundation world since having all of this, Melasma and Pregnancy masks and all that stuff okay, so now I’m going to get into what I’ve you to cover my dark circles First of all if I look really close you guys can see see the dots those are That’s pig-like hyperpigmentation right and I know that I am not alone in that what the camera might not be picking up super well. Is that there’s also the shadow of actual like blue Circle, which is typical Dark Circles right okay So what you want to do? Typically to help get rid of that blue eyeshadow is you want to go in with you want to go in with a corrector? I am really loving two very affordable correctors right now one is by Cookie and it’s be bright, and this is actually in the shade peach and Then the other one that I really really like you guys is the cushion cushion wonder and this is actually hard candy, so I Came across the hard candy while I was looking at Coqui because I am not ever at Walmart and hard Candy was right across the aisle from the cookie and so they caught my eye so I grabbed the hard candy it is I think six dollars and it is awesome I’m really really digging it the cookie I want to say was somewhere between eight and ten I will put everything down below of course And you know I’m going to show you these two different Correctors differently, and then I have one concealer that I am absolutely loving right now I’m just going to show you the difference so you can see This is what I’m starting out with so let’s go in with the cookie First and I’m going to do the cookie on my right eye So what I do is I literally I get the excess product off of the wand so just one and I go in just where there is The Dark pigment right I actually like to let it sit for just a minute and let it kind of it thickens up a little so while I’m doing that I’m going to go in on the other side with all showing the back of that with the Cushion Corrector, and it literally has a little cushion like that Gina to my blue Fingers I Just squeezed a little tiny tiny bit out Not much, you don’t need much of any of these things and then I go in left Side I Haven’t putting Mascara on my lower lashes on purpose okay, so I’ve given that enough time to kind of get a little bit thicker I take the same meaty lender And I just blend it out all I have on my lower lashes it or on my lower Eye is um Eyeliner in the Waterline I Haven’t done my Mascara obviously or my eyeliner underneath on purpose obviously Okay, so you can see how those two correctors have done a really good job already then I’m going to go in with the new Bobbi Brown Instant full cover Concealer in the color Beige so for me this is our shoot for a color that is my Skin color or a quarter shade lighter I don’t like it super super light But I definitely wanted a little bit lighter plus because I’m using correctors that are kind of like Peach and on Par color with or even darker than my skin tone I need it to be a little bit like this is nothing like heart-shaped. Tape it is Significantly thicker so I just go in And I do this You see that Because I get dark right out here too in that outer corner Same day blender you So can you see the difference you guys? Okay, and then the last thing that I do I like to go in with some Laura Mercier Is this the Secret brightening powder? Now I actually take a brush from real techniques And this is just a setting brush, and I actually just Take the cap and what’s in the cap? And I dip my brush in Tap it off so I’m setting that because there’s a lot of cream products in there right and I want it to stay I Do like this little brush though you guys because it’s kind of little Bigger than like an eyeshadow obviously you know like a crease brush or something but not as big as a great big powder brush Okay, so significantly lighter and brighter right so I’m going to finish my makeup, and I’ll be back in just a minute okay, so you can see I just feel like it kind of looks like my under eye kind of Goes along with my face. It’s not like it’s all of a sudden You know way brighter or anything like that, so for me? I was really kind of like that kind of an under eye brightening effect, but it looks realistic It isn’t like the whole there’s a ton of makeup, but there is the makeup there so that I don’t look so hyperpigmentation much hyperpigmentation or that bluish you know undertone which I think if you have both of those things It’s a challenge to figure out how to conceal Brighten without looking overly done up or crazy or anything like that So I highly highly recommend giving both the Coqui corrector the hard-candy Corrector and the New Bobbi Brown Concealer a try it’s awesome And I really like the combo. I think that on bowls okay, so remember this side is the Koki and this side is the Hard candy if I had to choose between the two you guys I would have to say that the Koki does more Correction because it’s a little bit peachy, er But I still think that The hard candy is really good and the other thing about the hard candy if I was hard pressed I could use that alone I don’t think that I would use the Koki alone It’s too peachy the other thing is in the hard Candy corrector line they have a green that a yellow and they also have an orange so if you’re a deeper skin tone like Significantly deeper than me that is an awesome corrector for you If You have you know your your lot darker than I am? But you still have those like Blueish under-eye circles that you want to cover? Try out the orange corrector from hard Candy, and if your my skin tone And maybe your circles are even more pronounced or if you’re a little bit darker than me not a ton darker than me You could actually mix this peach color Corrector with the orange and make it just a little bit darker or a little bit more Corrective because it’s more orange that would work as well There’s so much noise. Going on around here. These days you guys I’m serious like I just sent the kids outside to play Which is like the Mantra of my mother when I was a kid it was always go outside and play No, they’re right outside the window and have the window open So you know be careful what you wish for send them outside to play and now they’re making more noise Stinkers, okay, I Hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope that it was helpful in some way I will link all of the things that I talked about in this video down below. I hope you have a wonderful Wonderful week and I think you so very much for watching please hit that subscribe


  1. I love your makeup in this video! You should do a tutorial for your go-to makeup looks. I recently started using the NARS creamy radiant concealer, which I love. But before then I was using the Lancome waterproof concealer. The only reason I switched is because I couldn't find my shade anymore.

  2. great video(: and i am ALWAYS at walmart. sometimes twice in a day because i forget stuff lol i have never tried any hard candy items. but i think i am going to look at their products. you look gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Than you for the dark circles techniques because yes !!! Fabulous video honey seriously enjoyed watching you! 😘💕 I literally became a new subscriber and new viewer to your channel of course😻! I hope you can also subbed back! I'd love to be youtube friends 😃🤞🏾😻 xoxo !

  4. never heard of the brand Kokie! I'm curious about it now. I think I might buy one and try it up for myself

  5. This looks awesome! I have such trouble with undereye circles and can never find a product that covers them well! Just subscribed, would love it if you could check out my channel and sub back xx

  6. This technique and products worked really well!  I haven't tried either of those correctors, but may check out that Kokie.  I also have bad under eye bags, which is a terrible challenge, so the under eyes are not a fun thing to tackle.

  7. Hello Penn.Smith! Oh my gosh, I have the same issue as you do! I have Melasma and dark under eyes as well and got the Melasma from too much sun bathing with NO sunscreen! I was a sun goddess for close to 20 years!! I just bought the Bobbi Brown concealer and whenever I set it with powder (I've used MANY) it makes my under eye crackly, creppy and dry looking although I really moisturize before hand and also use the Smashbox Oil Primer. 😣 Any tips??? Is there any full coverage concealer that I can use under eyes without setting and have it last all day? The Bobby Brown concealer puddles into the lines/cracks under my eyes. I am using the Dermablend Flawless Creator Drops as my face foundation and it's amazing! It's 32 percent pigment, FULL coverage and waterproof. I do not set it and it looks great and long lasting! My Melasma is about 3 shades darker then my natural skin color and it's on my cheeks mainly and a smaller amount on my forehead. I use a full coverage concealer (Bare Minerals Summer Bisque Powder Concealer) just over the Melasma before putting on the Dermablend. I use the Dermablend drops Foundation over my entire face (minus the under eyes) using a flat top kabuki brush (patting the foundation in so it does not disturb the bare minerals concealer). I look FLAWLESS! No setting powder needed! Weird combo I know with the Bare Minerals powder however it works for me and it's the most natural full coverage look I have ever had! Try it! Whenever I come across someone with Melasma I always want to share. It has been a long journey for me. I'm picky about not having my foundation look too thick and heavy. The Dermablend Flawless Creator Drops is very thin, almost like milk! 😀

  8. Loved this video!! You look fabulous and these are great tips for so many people. Love me some Bobbi too 😘 Do you remember your nail shade??

  9. 👍 video, my daughter in law has this , going to odd this s
    Along to her..I 👍 the color of your right eye better..the peach correct..more natural. Great. Video…I am going to hound you in 💇 color😸😸😸
    I do mine at home with high end like joico redken, etc. I am in Fla so you know blonde becomes non color. Looking to ad a few low lights and tone but I 💘 warm beige colors…not into ash xxoo

  10. Thank you for doing this video I have awful deep set extremely dark under eyes along with vitiligo I appreciate the drugstore options

  11. I love that you didn’t use the word struggle. I hear that so much in the last couple years, people be using struggle for anything! Like I struggle with depression and anxiety. I don’t struggle with growing in my brow hairs.

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