“Available to us even 24 hours a day” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

My name is Richard. I was a patient of Dr. Thompson’s
for many years, and transferred over to Dr. Richardson when he took over. I was very pleased with Doctor Richardson.
I’ve been going to him since he started. I have quite a few eye problems, and Dr. Richardson has been
very capable of handling them. I did have an exceptional problem, and Dr. Richardson referred me to Doheny
Eye Clinic. After they solved that problem, they asked me if I would like to continue, or go back to my
physician. I told them I had all the confidence in Dr. Richardson, and preferred to go back to Dr. Richardson. I’ve been
with him ever since. I also brought my wife into Doctor Richardson when she was having a problem. My name is Joyce. I really have a lot of experience
with Dr. Richardson, mostly through Richard. I felt very confident, so when I did have a problem with my eyes, I was
very happy to come. He’s been helping me with some dry eye issues. I’m really very happy with
Dr. Richardson and the entire staff. They’ve been available to us even 24 hours
a day, so we really appreciate them.

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