Ask An Eye Doc: Two Different Colored Eyes?

– Lewis asks, “Why do people have “two different colored eyes?” So the clinical term for two different colored
eyes is heterochromia. Some of the celebrities that you may know are Kate Bosworth, Mila Kunis. It’s actually rare in the population. About .7% of the population
are born with heterochromia. Most of the causes of
heterochromia are just genetics. It can also be acquired later on in life. If you acquire heterochromia
it can be due to trauma to the eye, medications
that you may have taken, or some disease. So if you notice a change
or a changing colors between your eyes and you
weren’t born like that, make sure you go see your eye doctor. Hope you found this helpful. Do you have an eye-related question? Maybe we’ve already answered it. Check out our other videos #askaneyedoc.

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  1. I spent a day out on the beach and did not wear sunglasses and when I got back in the car I saw everything with a tint of green and it took awhile for it to go away

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