Ask An Eye Doc: Do moms really have eyes in the back of their heads?

– Hi, I’m Doctor Stephanie Kirschbaum and welcome to a special
edition of Ask An Eye Doc. (intense offbeat music) – Hi, my name’s Angelo. I’m six years old and I want to ask the eye doctor what kind of exercise can I do to get X-ray vision? – Well I really like that question. Who wouldn’t want X-ray vision? The best thing we can do to have the strongest eyes possible,
maybe not X-ray vision, is to read as much as you can. And also do what mom and dad say and eat your broccoli and your blueberries and keep yourself healthy. – Hi, I’m Veronica and I’m 11. – Hi, I’m Anthony and I’m seven. – [Group] And our question is, how often do you need to go to the eye doctor? (slapping hands) – People need to go to
the eye doctor every year, and it starts when we’re very young. Eye doctors can detect
if there’s any diseases or anything going on with the eyes that would be way easier to take care of the earlier it’s caught. So go every year and
have your eyes checked. – Hi guys, my name is Roman
and I’m five years old. My question is, do mom have really eyes in the back of their head? – What do you think, Roman? My kids believe that their mommy has eyes on the back of their head. Mommies can see and hear everything. But they really don’t have eyes on the back of their head. (uplifting music) I hope you learned something today. If you do have a question,
just hashtag AskAnEyeDoc. (uplifting music)


  1. Ask an eye doctor

    Is it true if you stand in front of a tv screen your eyes will fall out or will it just hurt it

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