Ask a Future Ophthalmologist & Interviews Trail In Medical School | VLOGMAS

Good morning everyone! It is vlogmas day 2 and today I’m doing a
special project. I’m helping my church film something for Sunday. So I’m just bringing all my filming gear and
getting ready to head over. And before I do that I wanted to show you
guys my outfit for today. I’m wearing a black leather jacket, white
t-shirt, these Madewell jeans that I’m just obsessed with cause they’re so comfortable
and the same boots from yesterday which I wore them out yesterday for the first time
and I highly recommend them. I will link everything below although I don’t
know if by the time this video goes live, if it’s still gonna be available but it’s
on sale right now I’ll link everything. Are we moving all the chairs or are we standing? I think for this one you can do standing. Hey guys so I just finished. Or we just finished and now we’re getting
an Uber back home to drop off all these equipment. But I think everything went well. It’s always fun to work with different people,
different projects. So I’m headed home and will check in with
you guys later. So I just got home. I’ve been trying to teach Candy a new trick. So every time I give her food I try to get
her to give me her paw and lets see if Candy has learned anything. Come Candy! Paw! Paw! Paw! Candy come on! Paw! Give me your paw! Paw! Paw! Fine we’ll do it with food. We’ll do it with food. Alright, here is Candy’s food. Okay. Hi Candy. Okay now that the food is here you can smell
it. Paw! Hello? Candy paw. Paw! Please paw! Candy paw, paw! Alright she doesn’t get it. Alright everybody. We’re headed out to dinner. Here with Sam, who’s staying with me for interview
tomorrow. Jamie: This is Sam my friend. Sam what are you going into? Sam: Ophthalmology. Jamie: And how is the interview process going
for you? Sam: Ophthalmology interview process is a
little bit different than that normal because we have to apply for both preliminary year
and ophthalmology year. So you have two sets of interviews so instead
of the average of 13 (interviews) you probably have more and have an average of 20 interviews. Jamie: That’s a lot! Sam: It gets pretty intense! You get tired quickly. Jamie: Are you in the beginning, middle or
end of your interview process? Sam: I would say, I’m in the middle. At the end of this week I’ll be more towards
the end. But I’m definitely in the middle right now. Jamie: What do you like the most about Ophthalmology? Sam: It’s the best in every way. But yeah, no, the tools of the ophthalmology
are super cool and the patient population is awesome cause usually deal with people
who usually.. it’s like this is their last resort by the time they come to you. Jamie: Is there anything you want to further
specialize in within Ophthalmology? Sam: Right now I like retina. So I may be doing visual retinal surgery as
a fellowship afterwards. Jamie: And just last question. How long is Ophthalmology training and how
long is the fellowship? Sam: Ophthalmology is three years. So you do three years of Ophthalmology, 1
year of preliminary year or transition year and then you can do fellowship which is…
some fellowship are two years and some are one year. Jamie: Thanks for answering my questions! Sam: You’re welcome Jamie! Welcome! Second friend of the day. You wanna hang that up? It’s ok! Hi friends! Hello! Welcome! My stomach hurts. Nooo! Do you want tea? Alright! Dania and I are heading out to go to an interview
social. Are you ready? I’m ready. Alright. We’re gonna drive. This is what I’m wearing cause I’m cold. I’m wearing this parka, this sweater from
French Connection that I got over black friday, these jeans that I was wearing earlier today
from Madewell and then these flat boots. And I thought that all interview socials were
super casual like ours cause we’re doing EM. Sam who’s doing Ophtho is going to some fancy
interview dinner where she has to dress up and it’s at some fancy club in midtown. So my bad, they’re not all casual… The mystery is solved! I got my package. It was delivered to the wrong apartment and
then the guy nicely returned it, even though he opened it first. He opened it? Yeah! I did a whole expose yesterday being like
Amazon does not deliver their package on time! Hello Candy! Okay so we’ll unbox this tomorrow. Yay! Hello! Alright I’m gonna close the vlog here. Thanks guys for watching. Hello to Sam and Dania. We’re gonna hopefully book our flights to
Miami for after match. So that should be fun. Alright. See you guys tomorrow! BYEEEEE


  1. Med student here as well!!! I would like an outfit video as well as a video about how to study and have a personal life too…❄🎄☃

  2. Loving vlogmas Jamie ❤️ you inspire me so much to be better now that I’m going to start my second year in med school, thank you so much for your hard work, and inspiring us all everyday 💕

    Ps: candy is so so cute, I’m dying to get a cat

  3. Ophthalmology is exactly the residency I'd like to enter. But I'm a foreign medical student and I've heard that it's super rare for a foreigner to be able to get into ophtho in the U.S. Can you please tell me a little more about the process, what they are looking for? If it's obligatory to have research because in my country we don't do research… Jamie, I would really appreciate if I could ask you more stuff… Thank you so much for making these videos. They help me understand the American system much better

  4. Haha Candy reminds me of my cat Charlie. I'm teaching her to lie down and I get the same reaction "What do you want me to do human?"

    I love that you are doing vlogmas! You're such a inspiration and you give me so much motivation to study for the MCAT. Thanks Jamie for being awesome!

  5. Thank you for Vlogmas, Jamie! Now that finals are coming up I need extra motivation and this is exactly what I need! 💕

  6. Didn’t know ophthalmic interviews were two rounds like that! Sounds rough 😣 but totally worth it I bet!! Also lol candy hahah keep trying!

  7. Jaime you look beautiful as always, you should wear more colored clothes though it really makes a difference in my mood when i do it. I wanted to make this suggestion and i hope you have a good day! ❤️

  8. Oh my god, I laughed so hard about Candy not getting the trick 😀 I guess she actually totally got it but just didn't want to waste her time, because FOOD 😀

  9. Omg Candy would be so good if she had an instagram account with funny captions from you! Just like That’sheart used to do with Barry 💁🏻

  10. Awww I have waited this vid for so long😝😝 Finally😝😝😝
    Cuz it’s my goal I want to reach in my future 😝😝
    Thanks a lot🙏🙏🙏

  11. Hey Jamie! Interesting video as always! Got a random question for you clean your apartment yourself or do you have someone come do it for you? I love to have my place clean and organised and it helps me to focus but it takes a significant amount of time away from my week. Wondering how you deal with this!

  12. Girl i've been trying to teach my cat the same exact trick and he either TOO OLD fat cat for it or he just don't want to coz it's his rule? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i loved this vid!

  13. I've been trying to train my kitty on the paw trick too ever since watching Jun's video (from Jun's Kitchen here on YouTube). No luck yet either 😅

  14. It's always interesting to see where medical education differs between Canada and the US, as I've gotten so used to thinking that they would essentially be the same (something not helped by the fact that Canadian trained doctors can practice in the US without too much extra work aside from passing the exams, and vice versa for US docs coming here). Residency in Canada is pretty straightforward in terms of time: family medicine is 2 years, and every other specialty is 5; the US, however, seems to have much more variation.

  15. That always happens to me when I order off amazon! Our packages get delivered via FedEx (in Canada) and they always deliver them to my neighbours house! Luckily I'm close friends with my neighbour.

  16. Hi Jamie, I was wondering if you know whether or not Sam did research during her clinical years to help with her residency application? I'm very interested in ophthalmology and would love to hear more about her experience in medical school and what she did to get to where she is. Thanks in advance!

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