Asians Get Earwax Extractions For The First Time

– You have yellow stuff
stuck on your instrument. Oh God, this is a nightmare. – My name’s Mikala and I am
black, white, and Chinese. – I’m half white and half Filipino, maybe a little bit Chinese. – I’m Chinese and Vietnamese. Supposedly Asian people have dry ear wax and I have no idea what
texture ear wax I have. – I’m doctor Kian Karimi. I’m an ENT head and neck surgeon. Today we’re going to be
removing Asian ear wax. Asian ear wax is a little
bit different in that it can tend to be a little bit dryer and a little bit more brittle. Do you make a lot of wax or? – I think so. When I was a kid I, like,
had a problem with producing too much wax so … – Okay, and do you use Q-Tips? – Yeah, sometimes. – I think I make a lot of wax. I do sometimes put my fingers in there. – Oh. – Still now as an adult, it’s a problem. – It gets, like, itchy and
clogged up like after six months. – All right, well let’s
take a look and see here. We’re now going to go into your ear canal. – Ah! – Wow, yeah. So that’s– – Holy shit. It looks like
caramel or like a Snickers. – Oh my God, what is that? Oh my! That is so disgusting. – So that’s wax that’s
pushed down with a Q-Tip. – Oh my God. – I can tell you don’t
use Q-Tips because look, all the wax is where it’s supposed to be and not further in. Did you touch your ear recently? – It’s very possible. – Okay, it looks like you may
have bruised your ear canal here a little bit with your finger. – Oops. – So you gotta be careful. – Got it. – But we’ll go ahead and clean
this wax out for ya, okay? – All right. – And this should come out pretty easily. – Oh, I can feel it crackling and popping. Uh, I felt that. – That’s just some old
skin that came out, too. So that’s done, let’s take
a look at the other side. – Oh God. It’s like cornflakes. (squeaking noise) – Great. – I feel like I can hear worse now. – Oh my gosh. I like, wanna watch it but
I also don’t wanna watch it. (gasps) I did not know that people
actually do this. Wow. – Usually you don’t get this kind of view. – Oh my God, that is so disgusting. (gasps) Are you wiping that on me? – No, of course not. (both laughing) – That wasn’t too bad, right? – No, I feel 10 pounds lighter. – Oh my God, it looks like a cockroach. Ah! – There it is. That’s pretty big. – Holy fuck. Woah. – Kind of stuck here. – Come on. I can’t hear from my left ear. It looks like a frickin’ alien. – Okay, don’t make your doctor laugh. Okay, there we go. – Yes! – Got it, nice job. (both laughing) – That was a struggle. – Yeah, that was a bigger piece there. – Holy fuck. – I actually had to
break it up a little bit to even get it out. – I can’t believe that was in my ear. That was such a crazy experience. I was surprised at how much was in there. – I barely had any ear wax. I just had a normal healthy
person’s amount of ear wax. – I didn’t think I would
enjoy it as much as I did. – Seeing it on camera right
in front of you is crazy. I would definitely recommend this, especially if you’ve never
cleaned out your ears. Who knows, you’ve probably
built up 20 years of ear wax and you don’t even know. – And the human body is disgusting, so it’s just always fun to
take a peak at it when you can. (jovial flute music)


  1. Why do they have to compare it to food? The one thing I love in life and now I will never look at it without thinking of this… 😩

  2. I couldn’t have my ear cleaned like that. I’d have so much anxiety like, “Please don’t touch my eardrum! What if you twitch?!”

  3. i feel like i need to get every single part off my body cleaned up by a doctor :'3 my hygiene possession needs to go to next level

  4. I once got my ears cleaned and when the doctor went in REALLY deep into my ear (my right ear specifically) I was fucking DYING from the itch it caused in my throat. Apparently, there is some weirdly wired nerve in our neck that causes this itching sensation when you scratch your ear on the inside (deeper inside). There was almost nothing when it was done on the left, but when he was cleaning my right ear I had such an insanely strong itch in my throat. I was barely able to hold it in and my ears were in fucking tears Christ almighty that was intense.

  5. No one :
    Litterlay no one :
    Not a single soul :


  6. Me: Eating

    BuzzFeed Multiplayer: Uploads this video

    Me: still eating this looks interesting clicks on video

    Me again: barfs all over iPad

  7. When he says asian earwax does he mean ALL of Asia or just east Asia? I have to ask because a lot of Americans usually only call East Asians “asian” and everyone else is their specific Asian country.

  8. क्या हमें ऐसे डॉक्टर मिल सकते हैं मेरठ में

  9. Ok fr though u adults ever think to clean ur ears…
    Yes i like watching this cause its satisfying to me…
    But cmon ur ears rlly shouldnt be looking like this…

  10. I ended up in this part of YouTube again nice hey you ☝️…….

    Have a nice day (carry on scrolling) 😊❤️

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