Ashley Deemer, M.D. | Ophthalmology

>>My name is Ashley Deemer. I’m Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, and I work in the Low Vision
Rehabilitation Center. I am a Low Vision
Optometrist that works with patients with vision impairment,
and we work with those who cannot be corrected
by glasses or surgery, due to any visual impairment that they might have from
their ocular condition. I originally got into this
role, because I wanted to try my best to help
provide services for those who needed help with their independence and help with their vision functioning. We work with a lot of the
visually impaired population by aiding in different strategies and visual assistive equipment, including magnifiers,
telescopes, electronic equipment, and other technology that’s
commercially available in order to enhance their vision. My research interests
involved the use of technology in the visually impaired population. With the innovation of virtual reality, we haven’t been able to develop systems to help enhance patient’s
vision in real-time, using magnification and
contrast enhancement. With the use of this, this has helped with people with vision impairment and their vision
functioning task, including looking at faces of their loved ones, watching television, reading, and doing their everyday task around the home. Prior to joining the Wilmer faculty, I’ve had the opportunity to
complete a fellowship program at the Lions Low Vision
Rehabilitation Center. It is through this program and
the support of the Lions Club that I have gained the
expertise in order to best serve those with vision impairment. I have been honored to serve patients with vision impairment
throughout the community, nationally, and throughout the globe. Coping with vision impairment can be a very difficult and challenging process. My mission is to serve
those with vision impairment and help them live as actively, as independently, as possible. If you or someone you know suffers from chronic vision impairment, I would be honored to see
them at the Low Vision Center at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. (steady bright music)

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