Application DEMO How To Remove UNDER EYE BAGS! Under $15

hi everyone this is Anne, this video is
going to be on answering some of the questions that I have received on my
video that I did on getting rid of my under-eye bags and I got a lot of
questions so I just thought it might be easiest to do a video and answer those
questions and also do a demo of how I apply the product to my under-eye area
and other areas of my face. The question that I get asked the most is about the
product itself and what I used on my under-eye bags to get rid of them is the
Nivea skin firming and smoothing concentrate serum and a lot of people
are having trouble finding this I find this in my local Walgreens store and
also in my local Ulta store or online and what a lot of people I think are
confusing it with is the Nivea skin firming and toning gel cream these are
similar products but not quite the same from what I have read in the description
of this product of the concentrated serum it contains 10 times more of the
ingredient l-carnitine and then they both have q10 and the l-carnitine but
this one is in a more concentrated formula so the results will probably be
better than the cream gel. I also get asked if I’m being paid or if I’m
sponsored to push this product and no I am NOT this is just something that I
used four years ago on my under-eye bags and it greatly reduced them to the point
that I really don’t have that issue with under-eye bags anymore and so I just
thought I would be nice and share the information that helped me so much with
everybody else in case it can help others but I am NOT being paid and this
is not sponsored. Someone had asked if I have under-eye fillers and no I do not
have any under-eye fillers at all I’ve never had surgery none of that all I do
is use some topical products and that this is the product that worked
for me on my under-eye bags and then a couple of people have mentioned that the
lighting is different in my before photo that shows my under-eye bags and my
after photo that I used to compare where I have no under-eye bags
and yes the lighting is different because when I had my under-eye bags
that was four years ago in 2013 and I started using the Nivea product in the
beginning of 2013 and that was before I ever started doing YouTube videos so I
had no reason to take an actual before photo that was just a photo that showed
my under-eye bags and I just wanted to share it with you so you could see that
I had almost double under-eye bags and if you’d like you can look through all
of my videos I have many videos that I have no makeup on and you can clearly
see what my skin looks like and what my under-eye area looks like and I use no
filters on my videos whatsoever so if you want you can look through– some
days I do get a little bit of puffiness if I haven’t had enough sleep the night
before but in general I really have no issue with my under-eye bags
ever since using this product . Then how I apply this product is at nighttime,
I don’t apply it during the daytime to my face I only apply it at nighttime
after I’ve cleansed my face and applied any other skincare products that I want
to apply at nighttime. I apply the Nivea as my very last product on at night and
I only spot treat the areas that I want to kind of shrink the fat and tighten up
that skin and so this concentrated serum comes in a little pump bottle and at
nighttime after I have all my other products on that I want on I just take a
tiny tiny bit of it and just a tiny bit I don’t know if you can see that put it
on my pinkies just rub it between my two pinkies and then
currently right now it is daytime but I have no makeup on directly underneath my
eyes on the area that I would have my eye bags so I don’t have makeup on in
that area of my face and then I just dot the product right on the under-eye bag
area and then I just let it soak in and again
I do that as the very last product on at night time. I also take the same amount
of product and apply it I get little tiny fatty areas right in the inner
corners of my upper eyelids and so I just take it and kind of lean my head
back and I just press that right into that little fatty area right in the
inner area of my upper eyelids and then for my turkey neck and my jowls I just
take a tiny tiny bit of it again because a little bit of this goes a very long
way it is the slick product so it spreads very easily and again I just rub
it between my fingers and then on my jaw line I just apply it right along my jaw
line here and I do that on both sides and then I take about the same amount
for underneath my chin area and again I just apply it to the area that I want
tightened up that needs firming and I just apply that as my very last
product on. Occasionally I do get these I have these horizontal lines and
occasionally it will seem like it’s a little bit puffier down here on my neck
and if it feels like it is I just apply a little bit of the product there as
well because it is great to help tighten up
the neck, tighten up the jowl area also sometimes I get puffiness right on the
outer, like I get these marionette lines and just right on the outside portion of
them I get a little puffiness so again I take just a tiny bit like I did on my
under eyes and then I just press it into that area but I don’t smear those
product all over my face I just apply it in areas that I want to treat and have
kind of shrink up and tighten up and that’s how I apply the product. I’m not a
medical professional and technically this product is meant for the body not
the face, but I have seen some great results using it on my face I would just
encourage everybody to do their own research before using any skin care
product and I’ll link my other videos that I did on this product beneath this
video in the description box and also at the end of this video in case you
haven’t seen those and are interested in watching. If you haven’t already
subscribed to my channel please subscribe by clicking the little
subscribe button. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this


  1. Hiiii Ann! I absolutely love you & I watched your video about "Getting Rid of Eye bags" and was hoping you'd do a Demo & here you are!!! Thank you sooo much!

  2. thank you very much. it looks that you will get more and more questions. do you apply it on the bag area only? because normally we will have a groove underneath

  3. Had to nutralize it fragrance too strong added witch hazel to a dab reduces fragrance and still works even better as witch hazel also take swelling down but it works great

  4. Hi Ann Marie- did you find the first couple of days that it looked worst? Mine is looking worst, so I don't know if I should continue or not. It's been only two days. Please let me know. God bless.

  5. Hi Anne Marie thanks for all the great videos. I think that eyes will be my problem area. Lines
    around mouth and side of nose are starting to go with derma rolling, but eyes are more difficult,
    and the thing most likely to stop me looking 20 years younger (didnt stop you though). The problem
    is that (due to ageing and possibly over excercise) troughs, like hamocks, have formed under where
    the eye bags can be – natural fatty deposits that have eroded away – I think. These 'hamocks' are getting
    lined too. Have been doing eye exercises to strengthen the under eye muscles, and a hand laser to
    balance out the colour variations in this area – both helping. Although building the muscle helps to
    disguise this cavity area – it is still quite noiticeable. I think that botox is not a very good idea, and
    prefer the idea of a skin graft fat implant (which 'grows') – but this is perhaps going too far (for me)
    and results can be not as good as hoped for . Any other suggestions ?

  6. I finally received product. 3 nights in.. I'm using a light amount, is it ok to use everyniggt for the 2-3 months? What is the recommendation there

  7. Hi Anne I just got off the phone with Nivea , I asked if they were still selling the Nivea Skin Firming and Smoothing Concentrated Serum and the lady said no unfortunately they are not . So I asked if they had a product that contained the same high amount of Carnitine as this product and she no I'm sorry . She did say they have a gel with carnitine but it does't have any where near the amount of carnitine as the serum . Wanted to let everyone know .

  8. Thank you so much for all your videos. I did buy 3 bottles able 2 weeks ago and have already started to notice a difference. Thank you so much 🙂

  9. I love all your videos. Very informative and an inspiration to everyone to look your best without surgery and fillers 🙂

  10. hi,in spain this product use for cellulite ,but you uses for face .isn´t this product bad for the face? does not irritate the skin or the eyes?Thank you for the information and for the videos

  11. Hi Anne. Great advice with the Nivea. People look at me and do a sort of double-take . They're seeing something different –
    but not quite sure what . hahaha ! I bought another anti-cellulite by Revuele. It stings quite a bit more than the Nivea, but I like
    it / something is definitely working ! I alternate the two. I bought a third one – green tea based – but didnt try it yet . Because
    I really want to shock people (especially my 4 girl cousins who I see maybe once a year or so – and they are all hyper about
    their appearance lol) – this becoming an addiction now. How far back in time can we go ? 25 years ? : ) xx

  12. Hi Ann, I'm new to your channel. After watching several of your videos I bought the nivea products to see if they help me! Thanks so much for all the helpful information! ❤️👍😊

  13. I managed to get the actual concentrate serum but have been putting it on Morning and night but I think I used too much as it sure burns the eyes. It’s under eye circles I inherited that I hope to lessen. So far there’s no difference but it feels different. Not to touch but just like there’s a sensation under my eyes. I’ll try using less and only at night, so thanks so much for the demo Anne-Marie!

  14. How did I miss this video??? You are my skin care guru!!!   I use this product on my brow bone up to my brows as well and have seen a real improvement in my hooded eyes!!!  I can't thank you enough for finding this product.  Luckily I have 3 backups since it is not being sold anymore.  Love, Cindi. xoxo

  15. **EUROPEAN VERSION OF NIVEA CONCENTRATE SERUM**is the only version available (US version sold out) (where I purchased mine) (additional sellers) xoxo

  16. Thank you for your wonderful and informative videos. I bought this serum a few months ago, tried it for a bit and noticed that it caused a lot of irritation and discomfort near my eyes. I had pain and sensitivity, and while I am no dermatologist and certainly not knowledgeable on ingredients, I believe much of this was due to the fragrance. I am so highly sensitive to strong fragrance, especially around my eyes and this product seemed to have the opposite effect on me (unfortunately!). This product is intended for use on the body and not near our eyes, so while we obviously should be cautious to not get it in our eyes, people should be aware that there's unknown effects on the area around the eyes too. Bums me out as I really was hopeful that this would do the trick. Feel like I have tried everything! Good luck everyone else, and I'm glad that many of you are using this with success!

  17. So now that nivea skin firming & smoothing concentrated serum has been discontinued, do you have anything comparable? I have tried the toning version, It doesn't work.

  18. Hi Ann I looked all over for Nivea skin and smoothing serum with no luck so contacted Nivea and they said they are not making it anymore because of low interest and sails

  19. this product is selling for almost $100 on Amazon! wtf?? I think it was repackaged in a tube. It's the same stuff. DO NOT buy the pump which charlatans are selling because it is discontinued. Seems to me when a company discontinues something, there is something amiss.

  20. Hi, where can I purchase this Nivea serum?  I have spent hours searching the internet and all local stores around me.  No one has it, unless you buy on ebay or amazon for $60-100 per tube.  If you can find it where you live, would you buy some extras and sell them to us? thanks

  21. Do you know how it works? Seems pretty stupid of Nivea to discontinue the serum. But a good opportunity for an entrepreneur out there. Anne, you'd make a great spokeswoman for Nivea; they SHOULD pay you…, haven't they ever heard of the web? lol Even realtors I know are using it to sell homes.
    I commented before & by golly I see some improvement! I'm using the blue gel in the tube, but seems to be helping. So thanks, see you in the movies! BTW, you appear 30 something.

  22. Ok gorgeous lady, can't find the product In Alaska, but I want to try. I saw someone selling it on EBay for 300.00 yikes, I thought it was a typo. Enjoy your videos.

  23. Hi anne,thanks for all the knowledge you share..i have been using it for 2 weeks with no results,i have under eye bags and puffiness ,how long would it take to show any results,btw i Am 26 years old and wants to avoid fillers but i hate looking tired..please reply back, thanks a lot 😘😘

  24. I enjoy your videos, and you look gorgeous as well as giving me hope that I can deal with the skin aging issues. Thank you for doing these vids. 🙂

  25. I just love your videos , thank goodness I came across them , thankyou so much for sharing your tips , really are great 👌💕

  26. Hi Anne quick question: have you ever had any adverse effects by not using the serum? I'm just a little worried it might have steroids or somethingthank you for the vid.

  27. Thank you so much for this video, Anne-Marie! So glad I found you. I was looking for this product on Amazon and think I found it, went to read the reviews and the lady reviewer mentioned you and your video. LOL! I'm hoping this is the correct product… $19.99 plus $4.50 shipping. Not bad!

  28. Hi Anne when I saw your video I'm really amazed because I had a puppy eyedbags I'm only 37 years old but I'm looks like 40+ and I want to have that product but unfortunately it's hard to find here in the Philippines. Please help me

  29. The Nivea serum has been replaced by NIVEA Body Skin Firming & Toning Gel Creme, according to the people at Nivea.

  30. This $10 dollar product is now selling for $139! I guess the word got out and now we are being price gouged!

  31. they still make it They just changed the name a little and discontinued it under the other. Amazon has it for $23 to $26 though there are sellers on there gouging people. You just have to search for "Nivea serum firming and cellulite 75ml" which is 2.5 ounces. Same ingredients and concentrated. But it is shipped from Germany for about $6

  32. So impressed that this actually worked. I've tried so many things for bags and nothing seems to work. I was even considering some fillers but am very hesitant to do that. I will try this for sure. I wonder do you use an eye serum as well with this? I just started using an eye cream under my eyes so would like to know if I should continue with it when I start using this. Thanks.

  33. Thank you so much for this video! It helps greatly. I too am sorry that pleople act aggressively and disbelieve you and you have to defend yourself. You are so original and resourceful! I am going to try this. In at least one of your videos, I forget which, you mention Palmers brest firming cream. Do you know if that might work on the neck and under the chin area to tighten and lift?

  34. On Nivea's website they don't list the concentrated serum and on all the websites I went to it is out of stock. It looks like it has been discontinued. Doing a search for cellulite cream on Nivea, it takes you to the Skin Firming & Toning gel-cream product.

  35. Hi anne marie ..i m ur new subscriber from india . I have eye bag little bit swollen eye area n mouth area .. so ple can u tell me what i use on my these areas serum or nivea gel ..pls help me out .

  36. Hi anne marie ..i m searching on amazon this nivea concentrated serum but i have seen nivea good bye cellulite 10day serum . Pls tell me both r same product or not ..pls solve my confusion i buy this product nivea cellulite 10 day serum for my eye bags ..i m fed up my eye bags.i can't see in mirror any more ..pls reply anne marie waiting

  37. Hello Anne, I cannot find this on Australian 🇦🇺 shelves: and as I understand it is hard to find anywhere atm. However I intend on finding it and trying it, i watched the whole video and unless I missed it; did you say you only use it in the evenings? Have you tried it under or over makeup? Thank you! 🌺

  38. Doesn't the CONCENTRATE take care of everything, including what the tube would take care of, I'm thinking??!
    They've Completely Discontinued making the concentrated Serum, EVERYWHERE, unless on EBay, & Amazon, you want to pay Over $100.00 for the Serum !! NO one else has this Serum, NO ONE !! 😕

  39. Hi Ann-Marie! Did you know that if you were to go out and buy Nivea Skin Firming & Smoothing Concentrated Serum, the price is anywhere from $69.00 to $100.00 or more. When I first bought mine in 2017, it was $12.00. I guess they realize what they have now and have really jacked up the price. Isn't that a shame? Wow!!!!

  40. Hello, is the serum a yellow gold color? The one I ordered from eBay is and I was wondering if it’s supposed to be clear. I want to use it for cellulite and not under my eyes. Do you recommend anything for cellulite or would this be the best. Thank you!

  41. Is the the correct name of the alternate product? NIVEA Q 10 good bye Anti-Cellulite Lotus extract 10 Day serum Energy Complex

  42. I have looked for the serum and can only find it online for around $80. Are there any other brands that would work because there are a ton of them and they are inexpensive.

  43. Hi Ann, thanks for share your researching and suggesting us something can work for us. Happy to be your subscriber. I got the Nivea serum from Romania. I am not sure about how often I can use it. I would like your advise. Thanks

  44. Thank You Anne. I watched, and commented on your other video regarding Eye Bags, and Nivea, and this video answered some of my questions. I haven't yet tried the product, but will do so. In the future I will let you know how it goes if you're interested. I just subscribed to your channel as well. All the Best. ; )

  45. I'm really confused, as all the links provided to buy the Nivea product that will remove the eye bags, all show different packaging, with no mention of the Q10, and L- CARNATINE on the front of the box, or the bottle inside. I've also read comments on Amazon where other buyers had said that they bought the product, and also didn't see any mention of the Q10, and L- CARNATINE anywhere at all on the packaging. I'd like to try this for my eyes, but don't want to buy another Nivea product that I wasn't supposed to, and what won't work as I hoped.

  46. Sulu r beautiful! Wow u look 20 yrs younger since u got rid of the under eye area , jaw line and your neck ! I'm going to buy that serum if Walmart has it.

  47. Anne-Marie, I need your help please? I bought this product from Bulgaria too 30.00!! I haven't received it yet, but I found product that doesn't use the words "Cellulite" but have the Q-10 and L-Carnitine included in the title. Do you know if it's the same thing? I read your comments that it is similar. Can u tell us what the 2 ingredients are that are missing? TY!! xo

  48. Obagi Elastiderm is a fantastic eye cream, I don't have bags but I had 1 line under my one eye and two under the other and they are gone, I did notice a tightening feeling under my eye and think this might work great for those with bags. I think it's like $115 so it's a great, affordable eye cream that works just as well as a $300 eye cream.

  49. Hi, Anne-Marie !
    The ordinary caffeine, also a coment below, have you tryed it yet?
    I can't find that you have…
    I would love an update on what is your favorite by now…
    All of your favorite!

    Regards from Norway 🇳🇴

  50. I'm a few weeks into using this product. So far I feel like I am seeing a slight reduction on the outside of my bags closest to the outer sides of my face.

    However I feel like this serum ends up being a bit drying for me overnight. Anne-Marie do you ever combine your normal eye cream with the serum?

  51. You deserve a million subscribers! Everyone should be recommending your channel to all their family and friends– you give the BEST tips and recommendations in the beauty community

  52. Thank you so much for this video. I have a problem with under eyes bags, this video is a life saver for me. I will definitely try it. You are so beautiful and so kind. God bless

  53. I checked the two products internet.
    There are so many different kinds.
    Would you please provide the exact name and where to buy. I see so big different prices. Appreciated your help.

  54. Hi Anne! I just watched your video and bought the Nivea serum right away 😊.
    How many times a week should I use it under my eyes?
    Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.!! Enjoy the rest of your week💕

  55. I love your video’s! most of your links are not available to international shipping; maybe you could provide links that more global or not through Amazon…💕

  56. Hi Anne-Marie
    Just discovered your site. Found your info on Nivea and eye puffiness and discoloration under my eyes.
    I need some clarification please..
    Is the 2.5 oz nivea …concentrated serum still available? (Nov 2019)
    Does it actually cost over $100.00? There is another product on amazon..nivea firming and cellulite this the same? Someone said it is, but the European pkging. Hope you can help clear up confusion! Anne Clark
    Very interested in this.

  57. Anne-Marie your videos rock! I just discovered your videos a couple of weeks ago. Have learned so much from you and I'm excited at the prospect of looking better with derma rolling. I have to tell you that I just watched one of your videos from 2019 and then this one and you look considerably younger in the 2019 one. That is so encouraging! Thank you for all of the information and encouragement! Can't wait to see results in a few months. Blessings!

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