Anime动态漫 | Honey, Don’t Run Away纯情丫头休想逃S1E12 FINALLY!!终于承认!!(Original/Eng sub)

Why isn’t this groom her? Is he playing with us? The bride is too miserable Mom, where is Junyang? Yanan, don’t worry, he will definitely be here. Why my heart is beating so fast? I don’t feel right Look,the groom is here I knew Junyang would not lie to me Come quickly, Yanan has been waiting for a long time I needed to solve company urgent problem No matter what’s urgent, a wedding ceremony is more important OK, this shows Junyang is ambitious This is his fault, don’t be afraid, I’m on your side. Okay, let ’s talk about it later, starts the wedding. Mr. Ji, are you willing to marry Miss Yanan? No matter what happens I’m not willing Junyang, what are you talking about? Junyang, are you crazy? What am I talking, you know the best You framed Qianxun, and tampered my daughter’s DNA with my mother. You separated me from my wife and children for five years I’ll be ruthless if you dare to hurt them again It’s all because i love you so much i don’t want to lose you The wedding is cancelled Being abandoned in public. This bride must have done something bad. God, the bride is ashamed. Junyang, stop Wen Qianxun, it’s all your fault Today is the first day of Ana having a master, I have to buy some gifts What are you doing What are you doing gone? Anyone? What do you want? What do you think? This voice Xiao Yanan, is you again I thought you forgot Instead of going honeymoon, why are you tying me up? Because I like abnormal Ji Junyang calls your name in a dream Ji Junyang, why? He has been thinking of you for five years, are you happy? What do you want, you are married Of course torturing you slowly Can you play something new besides this trick? Can you be so calm if your parents and daughter are here you What did you do to them? Five years ago you forced me to leave Ji Junyang and hit my dad and ruined my good job in Jiangcheng the day Ji Junyang removed the bandage, you found someone to kidnap me In five years later you keep threatening me and tamper Ana’s DNA You’re married to him, but still don’t let me and my family go. You vicious woman is never worthy of his love You finally admitted Xiao Where is Xiao Yanan? she is not here I heard her clearly How could I make you talk if I didn’t turn my voice into her You lied to me Little liar You want me to marry someone else I can do nothing even if I don’t want You are married today Remember so clearly Seems to be so care Rest assured, I said no what did you say Little liar You won’t run away again,right? Junyang I was I know everything Don’t you blame me How can I blame you, you’ve suffered so much Don’t push me away ok Honey, are you hungry? no, hug me for a while Today is valentine’s day What about the big meal I made for you you still remember the promise of that year? This is five years late for Valentine’s Day I owe you I will be with you every year I’ll receive it on time every year Junyang just sends me a message, said that he found her. I’m curious what she looks like Ji Junyang Why is he here I’m going to kill you! you jerk! Miss, do you recognize the wrong person? Oh no, wrong person Sir i’m sorry, It’s my fault. I will take you to the hospital right away Miss, my face is ruined by you. Shouldn’t you introduce yourself? You look like that jerk. Hey, it’s my fault that you hurt me? Big deal, I’ll pay all your medical expenses I don’t need money but you have to stay and take care of me. I’m boring now. Don’t push it I’m not interested in old women But you are so close to me, don’t you want something? Who do you think you are I just want to hold an art exhibition recently, how can I go out like this now I can take care of you But you have to write a contract and sign it, after this, you can harass me Deal It turns out that your name is Haiyu(in chinese is arum). Arum is poisonous. Your name is Yang Yu It’s not your real name, right? Take out your ID card I’m an artist, I can only tell you the pseudonym By the way who messed with you It’s not me, he bullied my sister Then how can you beat people. If you can’t see clearly, go see ophthalmology Who made you look like Ji Junyang, that bastard? Big brother No way Brother is not that kind of person Who is your sister? Her name is Wen Qianun I said Brother is not the kind of person But this world is really small Sister, didn’t you watch the news today? Isn’t that scumbag getting married? Nothing to watch I know you didn’t finish watching the follow-up What, Ji Junyang regrets in public Does Qianxun know that?

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