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– And I like my face mask to make me look like a serial killer. So this one is perfect for me. If I was standing outside
your window right now you would call the cops, for real. (mellow music) Okay, so I don’t have a PhD in skin care, but I’ve got to know a
little bit about my skin throughout my career, and being around different aestheticians
and makeup artists. So my skin is oily. It’s normal to oily. I don’t like to exfoliate
too much because it’s oily, and I use products for
normal to oily skin. I have about nine different
products that I use on a nightly basis. I just took a shower, so let’s start. Okay, so in my shower I
exfoliate my whole body, my whole skin. Everyone knows that when you exfoliate you are taking all of the dead skin, all of the residue from the day, all of the dirt away from your skin and revealing your beautiful, fresh skin. So I like to, right after the shower, use scalp scrub from NatureLab Tokyo, which basically does the same thing as any other exfoliator for your skin, for your face, or body. It takes away all of the dead skin, all of the residue of
products, and leaves you with beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. So that’s the first
thing that I’m gonna do. The exfoliator in this
is sugar instead of salt, which is great, and I just
massage it into the hair, into the scalp. If you’ve got longer hair,
you’re basically treating this like a shampoo. So you can either mix this in
with your favorite shampoo, or you can just use it from the jar straight onto your scalp. And you can really feel,
basically just feels like exfoliating any other part of your skin, but so many people have so
much buildup of products, dead skin on their scalp, and
their hair suffers for it. You don’t get that perfect
shine that we all love. So this is a great way of
really giving your scalp a deep cleanse. So you don’t have to leave this in. You just scrub your
scalp and rinse it off. So I’m gonna go rinse it off. Okay, now that my scalp scrub is off, I’m gonna start with my skin. So as I said, I don’t know
everything about skin care, but I know about my skin. I like to start with lip balm. I love the Chanel lip balm. My lips always feel dry; I’m
always putting on lip balm, so that’s the first thing that I do. Lip balm. I like when they are shaped like lipstick so I can feel like I’m putting on lipstick going into the meeting. Cute. Okay, so that’s done. So my first actual skin
care step is cleanser. As I said, my skin is very, very oily. So if I over-exfoliate, if I
start using a scrub every day, then the next day, the next two days, my skin is gonna be super,
super oily because of that. So I like to minimize
the amount of scrubbing that I do on my skin. So I love Doctor Lancer’s cleanser because it’s really, really gentle. It doesn’t make me too shiny afterwards. So I use a little bit
on my hand on wet skin. Then I just start to wash my face. I don’t go too hard. I like to be really gentle with my skin because also I’m from
Ireland, so we aren’t blessed with the even skin tone. We get redness. So I don’t like to rub
my skin too hard ever, even when I’m exfoliating. You can see literally when
I touch my skin it turns red so I have to be so gentle. So that’s all of the day’s
dirt coming off my skin. So I like to rinse with cold water because I feel like it firms up my skin. Next is toner. Toner, to me, is like a
little bit of a mystery. Everybody uses it, so then I use it, and SK-II, all rich people
have SK-II in their bathrooms, and I see it, I’m like,
“Okay, let me write that down. “I’m gonna get that one.” So I’m gonna use my SK-II
toner on a cotton pad. So because I don’t really
understand the science of toner, this is definitely one
of those skin care trends that I just fall into and just start doing because everyone else is doing it, but when it starts improving
your skin, who cares? I feel some kind of weird toning fantasy that I don’t know really what it does, but my skin looks bomb
afterwards, so I just go with it. Okay, so now my skin has been toned. I don’t know what that
means, but it feels good, it looks good. Next I’m gonna do a little mask to revive and rejuvenate my skin. So this Charlotte Tilbury mask is, it’s kind of a lifesaver. I saw it first on one of my clients when she had her makeup on. It was at lunch break,
and the makeup artist put this mask on her skin
with a full face of makeup so it was the first time
I’ve seen a face mask that you could use over makeup so you can rejuvenate
your skin during the day even if you’re wearing makeup. But I’m gonna do it now,
getting ready for bed, just to give my skin a boost of moisture. And I like my face mask to make me look like a serial killer, so
this one is perfect for me. So face masks don’t always
fit my big old face, so, oh, this looks so good. So yeah, this is a dry mask. So it’s not super wet on my skin. If I was standing outside
your window right now you would call the cops, for real. It literally feels like
a dry piece of fabric. It smells beautiful, but it doesn’t feel like a conventional mask
where it’s dripping, it’s going all over your
clothes, or whatever. It’s really, really easy to put on. Okay, I’m gonna keep this
on for like 10 minutes, and then I’m gonna get back
to my skin care routine. Okay, so I listened to Lana Del Rey, I got all my feelings,
now I’m ready for the mask to come off. I love this mask because it’s no-mess. As you can see, my skin isn’t
covered in juice right now. Now my moisturizer, my eye cream, will be able to melt into my skin the way I want them to, straight away, ’cause when your face is
covered in face mask juice, it can’t penetrate. So that’s my understanding. Okay, so next is eye cream. I only get into eye cream recently. I didn’t realize that your eye skin is a whole different kettle of fish. So I understand that it’s
really, really important. It’s a whole different formula. The skin is different, so you
have to treat it different. You have to pat, apparently. Don’t start going ham on your eyes, it’s like super delicate, apparently. So just dab this under your eyes and go underneath, and then my eyelids. I’m super paranoid about
the skin around my eyes because I used to be
so rough with my skin. At 32 I’m realizing that
your skin does actually start to change, and you do
have to treat it properly. So now I’m like really, really gentle with the delicate parts of my skin. Whenever I put moisturizer on, then whatever the residue is,
or the leftover moisturizer, I always rub it into
my tattoos (mumbling). So my night cream, or what
I use as my night cream, basically a heavier
moisturizer than I would use during the day, is the
Cle de Peau moisturizer. I try not to really aggravate my skin because as you can see already from just washing my face, it gets so red, because of those exotic
Irish genetics of mine. I keep my moisturizer in the fridge. I don’t know if that does anything, but it makes me feel so rich when I’m putting my moisturizer on. I’m just like, I’m putting
it on and it’s cold, and like ooh, wow. I live in a mansion on the top of a hill, and I’m putting my moisturizer on. Even if it’s not expensive moisturizer, put it in the fridge, and
it’ll make it feel expensive. So the hardest habit for me
to keep up skincare-wise, and it’s definitely the most important because I am so pale, and
I have Irish genetics, is wearing SPF every day. I kinda rebelled against
it for the longest time which is so dumb, because
your skin is your skin; you only get one. So now I’m so diligent about
covering myself in SPF 50. It’s like putting toothpaste all over. I get the strongest-ass SPF, and it’s like putting
Colgate all over my face, but obviously it sinks in,
and I’m protecting my face. I put it on my hands,
I put it on my tattoos. When I’m driving in my car, I make sure that I have SPF on my
hands because I don’t want old-ass looking hands,
especially it they’re all up in everybody’s face all the time. So yeah, SPF has definitely
been the biggest learning curve in terms of incorporating something daily into my skincare routine. Okay, so this is my jade roller. Her name’s Jade. So I start moving it around
my eyes, away from my eyes, underneath my cheekbones. I saw on a YouTube video people just like, just sitting there, and like
rubbing around their face, so that’s what I do. I’m like, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. I’m just gonna luxuriate and roll my face with a piece of green
glass, or whatever it is. Unrecognizable. You did your job, Jade. Thanks. So last step is, this
is like my favorite oil or serum ever. I use it all the time. So it comes with this little dropper. I’m like that’s cute,
but I just like pour it all into my hand, ’cause
that may not the way Doctor Lancer wanted you
to dispense the product, but this is what I do. So I literally start
putting it on my neck, on my chest, usually everywhere that I’m not gonna do on
camera right now, you creeps. I put a little around my face. Just a tiny bit on my face. Well, that’s a lot, but
it’s oil, so it’s good. I don’t like to put too much on my face just because I’m about to get into bed, and it’s about to be all up in my pillow. But I generally, instead of lotion, this is what I’ve started
using for my skin. I was using cocoa butter,
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, and I didn’t realize that
it has so much mineral oil, so if you’ve got a spray
tan, your spray tan’s gone. It’s like a filler ingredient,
so now I like to use just like a whole,
natural oil like this one. So with my skin care
routine, I feel like that’s half of what I do for my skin. I notice that my skin
looks different if I don’t get enough sleep. If I’m tired my face looks puffy. It doesn’t matter how well
I’ve taken care of my skin, I don’t look as good. So I think it’s always really important to get a lot of sleep. And then when I am not hydrating myself, when I’m not remembering
to drink more water than I want to, or that I
feel comfortable drinking, then my skin suffers, so I
literally do it for my skin, and I eat clean. If I’m eating a lot of dairy,
or I notice like certain foods will have impact on my skin. I think diet, hydration,
obviously staying out of the sun is like the number one,
and getting enough sleep. They’re like the other side of skincare that aren’t in a bottle, that you can really
incorporate into your routine. Okay, that was my skincare routine. Hope you guys enjoyed. It’s very simple, but now
it’s my time to go to bed. So see you guys later.


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