Advantages of Custom Vision Inspection Systems

There’s a lot of people that are willing to
sell stuff but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work. And even though it might work, it doesn’t
mean it’s going to work all the time. We’re in an industry where you need something
to work 99.9% of the time. One false acceptance could be a problem. Someone could get sick from food or you could
have someone’s brand totally destroyed. Really high inspection performance really
distinguishes EPIC from the other suppliers. By designing a system, it allows it to be
stable and consistent and reliable. It’s a commodity market and everyone’s willing
to sell you a lens and it could maybe work. But knowing how to just cut through all the
fluff and go right to the people you need to provide the solutions that are going to
work right away – not only does it cut down on downtime, not only does it cut down on
the time to have a complete system, it allows EPIC to provide a solution that is reliable
and robust and repeatable and is able to perform at a very high level.

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