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hey guys we are in bronte provincial park just outside of toronto its a plce we like to come connect with nature again because toronto is out home base at the moment and honestly big city tends to be hard to handke for extended period of time this is our little escape which is really close to where we live we actually wanted to do a blog for you today to address some questions we’ve been asked such as how do afford to travel how do we live this lifestyle how do i get a life like that we thought it would be important to just kind of simply the giant challenge when you see someone living a crazy life online that you think you want how its actually a lot easier and its usually not exactly what you think or what it could be portrayed as it comes down to two things for us and it was a really crazy realization once we achieved the life we wanted to live which isn’t as perfect as we want it to be but it always getting towards where we want to go its about the journey thats what life is its about setting goals and making them a priority and thats what it was for us our goal and priority is are and have become our youtube channel and the videos that we make for you guys in order to do that we can’t you know just constantly be travelling we have to come back to our home base to recharge and replenish our finances so it doesn’t mate what goals you’re setting in life you know you could be a youtube channel you could be a blog that you have or you could be a hockey player or an actor whatever it is in life you just have to actively set out and constantly remind yourself that that is your goal and write down those goals you know what you want to achieve and then set out a plan of action for yourself what are the steps you have to make in your life in order to achieve that exact goal what are the positive changes and that then becomes the priority for us it was very triumph and difficult at first it was really a lot of the changes we had to make anytime were in toronto we are working besides actually editing videos for you guys were also working other jobs to save up the money to give us the freedom to travel as much as we want to and then we travel in chuncks we spend our money really smart and we travel cheap and on a budge usually just with a backpack we don’t stay in resorts or all inclusive when we travel we like to experience the culture so we really go raw we truly experience what it feels like to live in these countries we always try to stay somewhere where we can cook our own meals so we go to the local groceru stores it saves us money and then we get as much content as we can so that when we come home and where going to working our butts off during the weeks spending all of our weekends and extra hours editing and working ] online and growing our youtube channel we are able then to see to gto the next step and continue to the journey cause you can kill time or you can take those minutes and out them towards those skills or doing something you love or what your goals are and its amazing to see the results start happening another quick little tool i wanted to share for you guys to know mark and i actually have a vision board in our bedroom of exactly of what we want to achieve and the steps and the things we have to do in order to achieve that specific gaoler two and i thought it was crazy at first actually when she told me where doing a vision board it was a few years ago we do a new one every year and out the year on it and take a photo to log it but the first time we did it i thought what were just going to write something down and its just going to happen but its not about just magically happening manifestation is a really interesting things because i think its just the remider to work towards the its the re setting yourself towards that goal or towards that priority which then just keeps you on that track overtime you forget you loose that energy and that inspiration and its also the point that you’re everyday you’re reminding yourself what it is you purpose what are the dreams you wish to achieve and i think that really important to keep us on this focused path to becoming the best version of yourself and creating the life that we dreams what ever so that pretty much it we actually brought our dog Prince who is our little fur baby you wanna come bring him over we want you guys to meet him here he is come here buddy this is our fur baby Prince he is 4 years old we rescued him when he was 5 months old this little guy i mean he’s been a lot of work he did come from a really bad place he’s our joy and happiness here at home we love him very much and he’s the sweetest little guy when we travel we unfortunately cannot take him with us what we do with him is we usually board him at this awesome place boarding and rescue place out in Whitby Ontario Lotsadogs lotsadog camp and its run by Susan because we know when we board him he a gets to be with 40 other rescued dogs that are getting adopted but we also know that the money that were giving them is going towards heloing rescue more dogs help keep her establishment alive so anyways were gonna go and play with him right now in this beautiful creek hes obsessed with the creek and the rocks he thinks they’re bals and he tries to get them anyways thank you guys thank you guys again for just watching our videos if you like this video feel free to share or comment below if you have any questions or dreams you’d like to share with us we love hearing from you lots of love and well talk soon! bye


  1. Bronte is so close to me!! So happy you're close by and spreading such a beautiful purpose! <3 I host YogaFest in hamilton with an amazing tribe of people, if you're around we would love to connect! YogaFest on facebook and at www.yogafest.org <3 😀 email is [email protected] xo

  2. Sawasdee ka. Thank you very much. Both of you inspire me a lot about how the life should be. And also I love your yoga video so much. Love your channel.

  3. You guys are truly inspirational! I am so lucky to find you guys on line at this very difficult time of my life. Thank you and thank you! Xx

  4. I just want you both to know that you really are an inspiration to me. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability, I've been following you for about 6 months now and initially i was drawn to your blog from a physical perspective because i wanted to make physical changes but I'm totally on the same page when it comes to your belief system and enjoying the journey. Im starting to figure out what i want my life to look like and I'm thankful that there are people like you that are committed to sharing your journey….massive love to you both xo

  5. You're both an inspiration I admire and appreciate you sharing your life and your ambitions it's very inspiring God bless you both.

  6. Huge fan now. A month ago I started a 60 minute routine for myself, I ran into your videos and now I watch you every morning. I meditate & do yoga with your videos every morning. Thanks so much for sharing your life. How could I go about meeting you in person??? I also have a large Rody-bullmastiff 31/2 yr old dog. his name is bear, my daughter and I live with him in Etobicoke.

  7. I love your energy.. You guys are Meditation in action. My spirit thanks you both for sharing your gift…My soul reignites.

  8. Wow. You guys answered my question. I was about to ask how do you guys afford all these trips? and of course its through writing down our goals & just budget down on things. Definitely going to get a visual board now. Thank you soo soo much! Congrats on getting married btw. Hope my BF & I will get there someday. Its not the ultimate goal in life because we treat eachother as if we are married but, it would be nice to do someday in our lives. So many blessings to both of you! Cheers! xoxo

  9. I love how honest and open you guys are! It's also a lovely reminder that a lot of work goes into bringing ideas in to reality. Your life's work is incredible – I bow down to you after everyday's yoga Juliana and say "Namaste, thank you, I love you" !!! Thank you both for everything you do – and it's a great idea to keep your content open with a variety of lifestyle topics. With much appreciation, The Bountologist xx

  10. I am currently sitting behind my desk with a pile of studying to do. Hahaha! This was such a welcome breath of fresh air 🙂
    I stumbled across your channel while looking for new work-outs. I have a wanderlust for health (emotional and physical) and love adventuring in nature and reaching new limits.
    I am in my third year of physiotherapy at a university in South Africa. I am fascinated by the human anatomy and want to firstly commend you on your great form during exercise! Do you generally go injury-free for long periods?

    Your channel has re-lit a flame in me that was suppressed by long hours of studying and the city mind-set.


  11. Guys you are AMAZING! Truly genuine persons…beautiful souls! I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Ps congratulations for your wedding!!! Chiara…a Big Big hug from Rome, Italy 💚🍀

  12. you see I posted here one month ago that I dont have a goal and I found it again, I found myself again, I am laughting from my heart again..I am more happy now again..it took me only one month to get better after I found you here and found this amazing videos from you…I really appriciate that and thank you. 🙂

  13. Hi, I recently came across your channel and saw your 21 day challenge. Yes, I started it and I must say this is my 6th day and I was literally feeling it my muscles sore. So I will push and press on.
    I do have a question, will you consider teach how you did your vision board? At the church I attend they encourage we all do a vision board.

  14. you two are rockstars! I was about to ask you about your pet-sitters while you are away… and I discovered that you help in a local shelter! what you do is just sublime

  15. I just want to tell you guys that I love you so much, too! Thank you for pushing through the hard times to create these amazing videos. You brighten my my day nearly every day, be it with a grueling workout (or three!), yoga, meditation, or adorable vlog. Your sincere interest in helping others is truly beautiful. How long do you guys usually stay out on your excursions?

  16. I just recently find your channel, is amazing, but after seen this video, I am asking my self, I am a Property Manager for over 16 yeas always dealing with different kind of people every day, now I saw your lives and are perfect, I am working hard for my goals and helping my daughter, she wants to be a dentist and my son wants to be a veterinarian, my husband has some land at Cozumel, I never being at Mexico, I met my husband here in Arizona and he told me when we will be retired, I will bring you at Cozumel, you will love it, live at the front of the beach every day, I practiced Yoga since 6 months ago, and my goal is continue being happy like today but when I get older, of course I want to living at Cozumel,visting Cancun, Tulum Quintana Roo, Merida, Islas Mujeres, beautiful places connected each other just for few hours or miles and connected with God. Congratulations Guys!!!

  17. Juliana and Mark, thank you so much for what you are doing.   I love how you demonstrate your mindfulness in everything you do through your videos.  I am very impressed and inspired by your outlook on life and your willingness to share it with the rest of us.  I have recently set a goal to start learning/doing yoga and meditating.  I have been looking for beginner tutorials and guided meditations to help me learn to quiet my mind and focus on being present in the moment throughout my day.
    Your site is exactly what I was looking for and needed.  Thank you, I love you guys and I wish you the best.

  18. Hi, I love your videos, they are so inspiring! My wish is that you make some face yoga excercise for staying young 🙂 I would love to do it as a part of my morning yoga routine, and for better waking up. 🙂 xo xo

  19. I do your yoga videos and meditations every morning after dropping my kids toSchool. Both of you are so beautiful, thank you for sharing your journey, and light of inspiration with us. ❤️😉

  20. All I can say is thank you! I love your channel you two are wonderful! Just love the videos and especially the yoga. You speak to me and it really brings relaxation and peace into my life. Something I want to continue.

  21. Thank you a million for your universal and powerful message! :-)) Pursuing our dreams may seem an obvious thing but at the same the daily routine overwhelms them…
    I am writing from Poland where I work in an IT-company whereas my dream has always been to invent a new method of language-learning. I love languages although I would love to travel more to be able to make use of my tiny knowledge;-)
    Btw: your workouts are marvelous! :-)) I try to follow them each morning and they really help me get through my day 😉 Thank you once more. Lots of love to you and good luck! :-))

  22. You guys are beautiful on so many levels. Thank you for this refreshing video. There are many with similar visions as you in the world and it is nice to see it in action. Thank you for sharing and giving us a glimpse.

  23. I love Prince! <3 🙂 we had 2 rotties before but they're already in heaven. Keep following your dreams 🙂 Love your channel 🙂

  24. Hey, guys 🙂 <3 such an inspiring video to watch when waking up with a cold strapped to my nose. Your videos have inspired me for a while now to pass your wisdom along to others. I volunteer in a student network at the local labor union. It might sound a bit weird, but a labor union ensures your rights as a student, an apprentice, an intern or a full-time employee, regardless of your profession.
    These days, students are preparing for their exams at university and other institutions. We have a workshop on getting rid of anxiety before the examination itself. And I was asked to do a yoga workshop connected to getting rid of anxiety. I imagine that many students compete against each other. News papers are talking about students, who use medication to stay awake longer so they can study harder and longer and try to loose the anxiety that way.
    But what mantra could work for these students to reside for themselves within their yoga practice so that they will relieve themselves of this anxiety, the fear of failing and the courage and ability to plan their studies, without sacrificing their health?I hope you will find time to answer my many curious questions :o) <3 Have a great day ahead :o) Namaste <3

  25. Hello my Wonderfully Functioning Mark and Boho:) I have
    something I wish to send you…. A tool I read every day… and every day my
    Life is more and more as I wish to Experience it…

    I have not been able to attach here…. 2 pdf pages – a lot more if you wish later:)

    Do you have an email I can send it to? 
    Mine: [email protected]
    Best Success!


  26. I am obsessed with you guys.i have found you channel recently and you are such an inspiration to become a better person which I'm trying to do. I can't wait to see the new videos of your new journey. please keep being so inspirational and postive. the world needs more people like you two ❤❤❤❤

  27. I can't go through all of the comments to see if this was already answered or not, but what are your 'real' jobs that you mentioned? I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but here in Hawaii (the U.S.) I have pretty standard American vacation, sick, personal days for work and they don't include 3 weeks of vacation time per year. Just curious to know how you can both hold down jobs in the big city and travel as much as you do. Its inspiring for sure!

  28. You two are such amazing people. So beautiful and inspiring! It's crazy that this channel alone has had such an impact on my life. 💕❤️

  29. your videos are amazing and inspirational! beautiful, I've been watching for the past 2 hours. have a great year! NYC

  30. You are both so inspiring! Thank you for your videos. I'm working on the 21 day perfect fitness challenge and also watching other of your videos like this one. I’ve been following your youtube channel since this past summer.
    I had to leave school last April because of extreme stress. I took the summer off to recuperate. Luckily my boyfriend and I have a beautiful little summer garden where I stayed. In September I went back to school, got my BA in teaching and have my first job interview this afternoon. I feel blessed! I agree with you both that focusing on your dreams and sending out affirmations is a part of making your dreams come true <3. Greetings from Denmark!

  31. Hello guys; this is Giovanna from Colombia, i really enjoy this channel, i do my practice every day and it has done great things for my body and mind!!!! love your dog as well, he is lovely!!!Colombia is also a place for you to visit, if you ever want to come, feel free to ask me anything that may help you plan your vacation……lots of love!!!!

  32. Hello, I am looking for a mentor to guide me in my yoga teaching journey. Maybe I can volunteer and learn fro you. I am based in Toronto as well. I love your channel and you are a great inspiration to me. Do you offer this? If not, would you consider it? ♥

  33. Μπράβο σας! Σας θαυμάζω γι' αυτό που κάνετε. Αν και δεν είμαι χορτοφάγος, ούτε φαν της γιόγκα, είστε έμπνευση για εμένα!
    Well done! I admire you for what you do. Although I am not a vegetarian, or a fan of yoga, you are an inspiration to me! Anastasia from Greece.

  34. You are so beautiful and SO INSPIRING…cant stop watching the videos for all this Saturday evening 🙂

  35. Vision Boards…… I remember when I made my first one 17 years ago…I was almost homeless supporting several children and I drew a picture of the house we would one day have… I focused on it, talked about it to my children, meditated on it… after much turbulence, we were evicted from our basement apartment…that year which by the way opened the doors for some amazing events…. an opportunity arrived when sadly to say my mom passed on and left me just enough money for a small cheap, two bedroom condo…. it was tight and tough squeezing in many kids and myself (single mom) yet before you knew it…. the prices of condos doubled and enabled me to get the house I am living in now — which by the way looks just like the house I drew on the vision board 17years before. Thank you both for sharing your lives with us all… being so intimate and 'real' which is so refreshing. I pray for you both to keep moving forward, spread your wings, fly …. now it's time for me to create another vision board in this stage of life as my children spread their wings and begin to fly as well and I find a life for myself. I am excited to see what I create on this new board…. With much love and gratitude… let it flow….<3

  36. I'm into your video. I want to be a person who can help and share happiness to the people who surround me and who are in difficulties.

  37. I've really enjoyed the morning workouts to start my day. Living vicarously thru you with your travels and I'm ready to embark on my own… Thanks for your contribution!

  38. You guys are soo inspiring ! I love that you rescued this super guy ! I was working in shelter so I can imagine what he had to go through <3 after that video I'm going to do my own dream board. I would love to have my own dog and be the best positive methods dog trainer who can cooperate with other specialists in this field. Animals and nature is my love I want to make more conection with our mother nature cause I think she really needs our human being awareness help

  39. I feel soo peaceful and happy after watching ur vedioes…u have brought biggest and positive change in ma life..
    lots of love to both of u….also I sooo wanna live the kind of life u guys are living..so keep inspiring…😊😊😊☺☺☺☺💐💐❤❤

  40. I love this video but this music is really depressing and strange for such a motivational video. I like it, and think it is beautiful, but in my opinion at least it is really ill-fitting for this video. keep doing you though guys!

  41. I love how you guys keep it so real <3 I'd love to see your vision boards. I do vision boards as well. My last one was last year, so you reminded me that I should probably make a new one! My goal is very long term right now. But you have to start somewhere. And time does pass. My husband and I want to travel (at least just once a year during the summer) and we want our son and daughter to experience that as well. I come from a family who…never really saw anything outside of home and I was told on several occasions that that's just the way it is. But not for us. I'm starting college for journalism (I'm a published author and I've had a blog for about 5 years now I think, writing…I guess things that people feel but never want to say). Why journalism? I think I want to write about life and the vastness of it. The complexities, the people, the cultures, the regions, and the animals that come along with it. It will take four years, but during this I will be doing a work study and I think the bulk of that will be going to savings for travel and vacations. My son is 10 and I've been reading Grimm's Fairytales to him and his sister since they were very little, so he wants to see the Black Forest so bad. My husband lived in Germany for 3 years and still says it's incredible. As for me, your Costa Rica videos look really nice! LOL! That beach! Very soon I want to hike the Appalachian trail. It looks amazing! I turn 30 this month…and when so many people groan, I am so excited! I have big plans:) I love your channel and am so blessed that I have found it. Some things are simply just meant to be. Thanks for the talk:)

  42. I loveeee and love you guys.. Can't stop thinking about you.. I appreciate your works, I really wish to have a relationship like you… Caring, warm. Beautiful. Wish you all the best. Thank you

  43. You said you work other jobs to save up finances, what exactly do you guys do when not travelling or doing YouTube?  Office jobs?  Retail?  Tell all, we love details 🙂

  44. Oh my god you guys are incredible. I love finding people on YouTube that are so passionate and driven by their goals and dreams. My goal is to live a healthier spiritual mental physical life. I also want to help others realize that there's so much more in this world.

  45. I am currently at work, it's monday and depressive as hell, and all I wanna do is watch you guys and dream about that wonderful journey you are experiencing.
    3 months ago my husband and I decided we wanted to travel the world for a whole year. Thing is, we both have good jobs and we decided no to rush it, so our journey won't begin until next year. I cannot wait to experience the world.
    You guys inspire me so much, thank you for all the videos and what you share with us.
    Lots of love from New Caledonia

  46. I am doing exactly the same but with Great Britain as a base (London). I am travelling often to the UK and to other European Countries. It's not that hard! I have a job and a permanent base but it's still ok.

  47. I have never been able to travel and have always believed its very expensive to travel with my little family. I cannot wait to travel the world the way you guys do. Your video has really inspired me and has made me want to set up 'Life Goals' for myself and my family. 🙂 Today is the start of a new life for me. Thank you sooo much for sharing about yours!!

  48. I just found your videos and they are beautiful. Thank you for making great content. What a cutie Prince is but please consider to change his collar from a choke collar to a more friendly collar. Or even more friendly and nice is a harness. choke collars can hurt a dogs nerves much like a whiplash injury and leave the dog with life long pain and since they can´t speak to us and tell us that it´s important to prevent it. I understand that he´s a strong dog and thats why he has that collar. Much Love from Sweden


  50. You guys are so beautiful, not only outside but most definitely inside💓 I love your vlogs as much as I do your yoga videos. So inspiring and filled with priceless messages. Please do more videos like this!

  51. I just love how real you guys are. Also out of every single travel youtuber I've ever seen you guys are just so relaxing to listen to and I think because you are so different and original has made you what you are. You two are so inspiring to me. Thank you for all the awesomeness you provide!

  52. "Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."-Robert Frost. Always Peace and Love ♡ Tauney

  53. I am so happy I found you. I know my life is changing because of my efforts. But you guys are part of it. Let’s keep this world beautiful.

  54. What a couple of awesome people. I just started doing your peaceful yoga vids and plan on doing at least 1 each morning. It's really nice to hear your wise words outside of those as well. XO

  55. This video makes me always so happy. I watch it a few times a year when I need to set new goals and believe in myself again. Today was that day and this video is so inspiring! I'm going to write everything down now what I want to achieve in my life, thank you guys! <3

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