A Widening Network of YOs Around the Globe

Hi. My name is Janice law, and I’m the
chair of the Young Ophthalmologist Committee. I am joined by Marie Louise-Roed Rasmussen from Denmark. We are here at AAO 2019 in San Francisco. Marie Louise
just recently chaired the YO Lounge Power Hour called Ophthalmology Around
the Globe, a YO’s Perspective. Marie Louise, tell us why you designed this power hour. The Academy meeting is a really international meeting collecting YOs
from all the parts of the globe so it’s really important to have a setting where
people who can network and interact and meet each other.
Secondly it’s really important for us to have a platform where we
can introduce the Academy for international YOs because we wanted to
get them as members, we want them to become active players in developing our
cornerstones and that’s why we invited Paul Chen to come and tell us
about the ONE network, the EyeWiki and the training directory platform, which
hopefully is known by most YOs across the globe because we want people to take
part and improve these issues and help what what they need in their region of
the world. And we all know that networking is a very important part of
power hours so what were you hoping to accomplish? I hope that people will meet
someone they didn’t know existed to gain new friends across the globe.
It becomes more more important that you know people and, and it makes a lot of
possibilities … One of the things we achieve doing the
last meeting were that we actually met a lot of African YOs and created a
platform where we could help them discuss how to produce YO session
on Africa ground. Another topic we’ve been working on is
the creation of a YO society nationally across the globe. We met a young Moroccan
girl last time and she’s now achieving a YO society in Morocco. So Marie Louise,
I know that you’ve been very instrumental as the past chair for SOE
in developing and growing the YO society there. So what tips would you
give the young ophthalmologists around the globe now who is interested in
creating a YO section for their national society? That’s going to be to start
up with a national meeting where you can collect YOs from all across your
country and establish the rules: which type of society do we want to create, do
we want fees, which content does our society want to have, what should be the
member rules and then secondly, YO societies are based on educational
needs. So it’s really important to establish how do we want to fulfill that
purpose where what are the needs in our country, is that the general topic, is that
a national meeting only for the YOs, is that a session during the national meeting
or what are we aiming against as a startup.
Secondly, you need to focus on the more social side: Do we want a YO party,
do we want something specific only for the YOs so they can have a networking
platform? Because we’re going to be opthamologist for 40 years so most of
the YOs in your country are your future colleagues, and you need to get to know
these people and here if you want to have another job where people are. So the annual meeting is where all of
ophthalmology meets. Where will be the next opportunity for young
ophthalmologists around the world to get together and for their next educational meeting? That’s gonna be the world ophthalmology meeting in South Africa June 2020 where
the Academy will be there together with the SOE. We have assisted the YOs of
Africa to create their first YO session and it’s gonna be pretty good I hope and
I hope to see a lot of YOs from across the globe being there. One of the
topics is actually how to create a YO society, but that’s it’s gonna be awesome.
That’s wonderful I’m looking forward to seeing you there and everybody else as
well Thank you.

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