#8 The ophthalmologist’s opinion – What is a chalazion?

What is a chalazion?
A chalazion is a very common eyelid problem and it is basically a very large lump in the
eyelid. It tends to be deep within the eyelid because it’s caused by a blockage of one of
the main oil glands called the meibomian gland which is deep within the eyelid. You will
know you have a chalazion because you will get pain, swelling of the eyelid, and it will
be very sore to touch and the whole eyelid can swell quite a lot in the acute or the
early stage of a chalazion. What tends to happen is that even with treatment with antibiotics
or anti-inflammatories, the chalazion will reduce slowly reduce in size and the eyelid
will become less swollen but many people after the acute phase of a chalazion will be left
with still a lump or a cyst within the eyelid which will then need to have an operation
to drain.

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