3inayat El-Bashra Ma3 Microscope | My Skincare Results Under the Microscope

this video is a bit hard for me because i will be using words that i never used before this is so hard! the user you are calling is out of reach Hello beautiful people, today we’re going to talk about a very important subject which is how to take care of your skin and adopt a healthy routine some of you may know that my skin was very bad in the past i had a lot of avne, even cystic acne at some point on my cheeks and forehead which resulted in a lot of scars “nodoob” my face was full of acne and scars this was very irritating so i had to take action to repair my skin so today i am going to share with you my skincare routine that helped repair my skin as you guys know, i like to wear a lot of makeup i am not the biggest fan of natural makeup NO! i like to beat my face with makeup therefore, it is crucial that i take very good care of my skin first, i have to deep clean my skin this is a cleanser that we developed in Japan it is AMAZING! this remove everything! even waterproof makeup while still being very gentle on the skin if you don’t want to purchase this product, you can use coconut oil instead so this is the first product i use in my skincare routine it removes most of my makeup the user you are trying to call is out of reach where are you Mom? i have to call my Mom because i don’t know all the words i am finding it a bit hard to speak Arabic today i am calling my Dad, i hope he answers Hello Baba how are you? are you really calling me because i know you are busy i have a question for you how do i say in ArabicL “this removes most of the makeup”? “this removes all the makeup” no not “all”, i want to say “most of” Thank you Baba, i miss you so much i love you too! and i miss you so this product is very efficient, it removes most of the makeup next, i use this deep cleanser from Tatcha this one is very good i like to double cleanse this cleanser is very popular in Korea this guarantees a very deep cleansing you have to use two cleansers so i like to use this one first, it contains some oil so it breaks down the makeup and melts it then i use this one, it penetrates into the pores and cleanses your skin properly if you go to sleep without cleansing your skin properly this will accelerate the aging process you will develop wrinkles and other problems i have been using this product for 15 years this helped get rid of my acne i use a tiny bit to prevent drying my skin i am going to show you how to use it, i use a tiny bit i fold the cotton pad like this so i don’t use a lot of the product the liquid is now distributed on the cotton pad now, i am going to show you how my skin looks under the microscope this zooms in 1600 times on my skin i don’t know if i want to see this i have so many hairs! what is this? i want to show you my skin before i use my skincare products then i am going to do my skincare routine and show you the difference so i am going to show you my skincare routine and then we’ll see the difference on the microscope i am just cleaning my face with the toner the second step is using an essence the essence is very important if you use it before your moisturizer, you skin will absorb moisture better if you don’t use an essence, you will not get the full benefits of the moisturizer so use this after the toner the next step for me this this amazing serum it’s called C E Ferulic this evens out your skin tone it balances out any hyper-pigmentation and unifies its color i love this moisturizer i tried a lot of moisturizers my skin is a bit dry and very thin so i have to use a non comedogenic moisturizer one that calms my skin i am using a small amount if you have a normal or oily skin you can use Emulsion from Embyolisse it is not a heavy cream like the one i am using as i said, my skin is a bit dry and very thin the last step is oil a lot of people ask me why i use the oil as a lat step oil molecules are very large if you use oil before a moisturizer you will not get all the benefits from the moisturizer so this is why you should use oil at the end my skin look very shiny right now if you have a zit on your face, use rose oil it’s amazing for that i am going to apply my eye cream and we’re going to see the difference on the magnifying glass make sure to wipe your hands dry from oil before applying your eye cream i love this eye cream from SkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel it tightens up the eye area like a dream i like to use two eye creams one to tighten and the second for my dark circles this is Ginseng from Origins it boosts blood circulation to prevent dark circles i only use a small amount i am done with my routine so let’s check my skin now under the magnifying glass after using the moisturizer, the oil and everything perfect! i think there is a huge difference in my skin it looks very healthy a bit shiny it looked a bit dry before it looks way more healthier now so i am done and you can clearly see the difference on the microscope after using all these products, my skin looks so dewy and healthy and beautiful you will see an improvement from the first time to do this imagine the results you will get if you do this daily! i hope you enjoyed this video it was very hard for me to film honestly i am tired and sleepy now see you next time!


  1. ابي أسالك سؤال ليس بس تحطين قلوب حق التعليقات الأجنبية و العربية شنوووو 🤔🤔

  2. Me not understanding a word …
    Also me : sitting with my Arabi friend to translate this so that I can understand !!
    Ur Soo sweet and down to earth!💞

  3. Ur sooo cuuuute when u speaking arabic😯😍😂
    Yla baba wenk😂😂😂
    هذا يوخر كلش اكثر مكياج
    Etha inty enam htha weach walla basharty mo zeen 😅😅💙
    Rah 2azaw2😂😂😂😂 ahhh god

  4. اني احبج هوووواي ياريت تشوفين تعليقي وترديلي لان محتاجه الج ضروري

  5. Hhhhhhhhhhhhh ur so cute i love uuuu😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 im morrocan from belgium كلش كلش كلش هههههههه

  6. اسم البرنامج الي بيترجم تقولي الكلمه انجليزي يقولهالك عربي اسمه ايه

  7. I m French Algerian I like Iraqi accent…. Koulish Zain, Koulish hailo…. Fdwa fedwa… In this video you look like your sister (Mona)

  8. يا حلاتج وانتي تحكين عربي ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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