39 women share their visions for radical equality and solidarity

I don’t really want to meet any expectations. The expectation to meet expectations. We define every stereotype and break it as a woman, as a feminist, as a Muslim. My vision for the future is a world in which everyone can exist freely and independently. A society where everyone can be what he or she or him More freedom. wants to be. People who dedicate their lives to support others. My role model is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I have a lot of role models and teachers, some of them I’ve met. There is not one specific one. I am aware of the many fantastic people I have met in my life. Thanks to them I am where I am. I don’t like visions because I think they have a tendency to become totalitarian ideas for changing the world, so small steps with a good heart. An expectation I don’t want to fulfill is to be perfect. I don’t want to be an object of projection for failing bourgeoises utopies. For the human awareness to awaken. Just to have the chance of being myself. I hope the injustice and the faith, a goal for humanity and the fake borders between countries will all vanish. I want everybody to live a life beyond dualism. The expectation I do not want to fulfill is femininity. That I am quiet and invisible as an elderly woman. My vision for the future is strength. That we will have a society where there is no difference in power relations or influences between men and women or other genders. ‘Which expectations?’, I would ask. It’s about the expectations of a straight, white, male-dominated society. My vision for the future is a world of radical solidarity. People would stop figuring other people as the embodiment of their fears. I reject the expectation of being any either or.


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