#20 The ophthalmologist’s opinion – What precautions should be taken when suffering from dry eye ?

What precautions should be taken when suffering
from dry eye? If you think you have dry eye, it’s very important
you see an ophthalmologist to confirm the diagnosis and to get advice about the correct
treatment. There are really three steps to managing dry
eye. The first is to look at what could be triggering
the dry eye. So if we find that someone is a contact lens wearer (the contact lenses
wear is contributing to the dry eye), this is a factor we need to look at. Other people
work in very air-conditioned environments with very dry air, and that’s also something
that may need to be corrected in order to treat dry eye.
The second way in which dry eye is treated is to address the inflammation and the damage
on the surface of the eye that are characteristic of the condition. To do this, the first thing
to do is to improve the quality and the quantity of the tears. We do this through treating
any blepharitis using things such as Thealoz® Duo as a lubricant, Blephasol®, Blephaclean®
or also Blephagel®. These are very effective at treating blepharitis on the edge of the
eyelids. Also the inflammation needs to be treated
and the most effective way of treating inflammation in dry eye is to use anti-inflammatory drops.
The most effective anti-inflammatory drops, especially in the short-term, are a gentle
cortical steroid for the surface of the eye in a preservative-free format such as Softacort®.

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