18 secrets and tips on life

18 secrets and tips on life from women fighting breast cancer All the cliches are true Don’t go to sleep angry Don’t get mad about every little thing Let it go, next, move on Hiding is tiring Share, don’t hide Do what makes you feel good without caring what others think Calm heals Every day is a day worth living Turn off you pohone and talk Know how to appreciate your routine, and really, really appreciate it Let more people in Don’t be scared to ask for help You just have to let of people who don’t make you smile There is nothing you can’t laugh at And if you laugh, laugh a lot! You are where your thoughts are Life is not a rehearsal, it is here and now Don’t give up on your dreams, adapt them to your new reality For the last 15 years, Roche Israel supported 300,000 patients and their families and helped them in their struggle to win! Special thank you to the participants of this movie, who chose to open their hearts and share their experience with optimism and hope: Smadar & Yaheli Harel, Malca Ben-Moshe, Irit & Adi Bunfill, Yafit Elmaliach, Hava Laufer, Nofar Bar, Eti Kimhi Levi, Michal Melamed Cohen, Mor Nakar, Evet Babler, Atel Yosiphun, Aviva Rozen

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