10 Things That Amaze Me About Sight!

These are good they really do amaze me! *intro music plays* Hey guys! It’s Molly here again for another video and We’re talking about things that I think are pretty cool That I feel like a lot of people probably take for granted And I’m not being like “you sighties take everything for granted all the time” I’m just being like yo you would probably never think of this, and that’s fair because you live with sight and that’s who you’ve always been and how you’ve always lived and so it’s natural that you probably don’t even think about these things and for context for those who like randomly clicked upon this, hello, hi welcome I am Molly and I am very blind I’ll link my playlist called “everything blind” below So i grew up with like sight but not full sight so a lot of these things- I have ten things I wrote down ten things a lot of these things I could never see actually that’s a lie, all of these things I could never see Which is why they amaze me, I think it’s like so interesting so without further adieu in no particular order here are ten things that I think are amazing about having sight.. All the colors you have to know! Like that’s a lot of color to store in your- I’m just gonna throw up and by me, i mean my editor Scott is going to throw up a bunch of random colors on the screen right now Those are just a handful of the colors that you know You just look at it and you’re like “That’s baby blue.” “That’s periwinkle.” “That’s navy.” What are other types of blue… you get my point! You know, like That’s nuts to me. Everything has a color, and you know all of them. Kudos to you.
Glow-in-the-dark. Like, that’s nuts. I think glow-in-the-dark is just such a cool concept. I could like- you know those like, when you’re a child of the 90’s, and there’s like those glow-in-the-dark star stickers that you would put on your ceiling I remember, like, my brother having them and I was so pumped when he got them, and then I went and I looked and I was like, “Just looks like a pitch-black room to me.” So, I don’t know I think glow-in-the-dark stuff is just a really neat concept that blows my mind because I don’t get what it looks like.
That you can see into other people’s cars, and houses, and just like casually spy on their lives. I guess like just people watching in general. The fact that you could sit on a park bench for 5 hours and just like, observe human beings, is so interesting. And it like actually really freaks me out that other people can look into my- like, when I’m driv- no, not when I’m driving, ’cause, you know, we don’t wanna let me on the road. But, like, when I’m sitting in the car with my friend or something I forget that people can see us. And that my friends can see other people. Or when I’m walking by houses and people are like “oh look at them having dinner.” I’m like “WHAT YOU CAN SEE THAT?” Like, that’s so weird, creepy, and funny to me. I don’t know, it feels very invasive but you guys are used to it. Like that’s just like, “yeah people can see me.” Sometimes I’ll, like, change in front of an open- like window with open curtains at nighttime and my lights are on, so like, people could like, see me but I forget and I’m like “Darn I did it again!” And so I have to remember to like, close my curtains pretty early in the day; otherwise I’m giving everybody a free show. That your brain does not get information overload constantly, and you don’t like just live with a headache walking around all the time, because you’re seeing so much. You’re seeing so much!! There’s a lot to take in. And I just don’t get how it’s not overwhelming, because it sounds overwhelming to me. I don’t know, that’s just like, phew- seems like a lot. Because as sighted people, the sense you rely on the most is sight. So I know that you guys are like, heavily into what you’re seeing, and it just- I don’t know. Seems like too much to me. I’ll take what I got.
The fact that you can NOT read with your fingers Like, to me, It’s second nature. I learned to read print, and then shortly after, I started learning how to read braille when I was five. So to me, reading with my fingers is just as natural as it is for you to read with your eyes. So the fact that you can’t just, reach up and read the bathroom sign …or “restroom” sign it’s like astounding to me. You guys don’t get to read with the lights off! I’m fine in a blackout. I’m like, “That’s cool, I got my book”. And when I say that, I really don’t have much…. I don’t have any braille books, actually. But!…some of you send braille letters to my P.O. box, which is the sweetest thing ever! P.O. box linked below 😉 The distance to which you can see! How far your vision spans is mindblowing. It never ceases to amaze me when my sighted friends mention something far off in the distance that they’re looking at. Or like, when they’re standing on top of a mountain …’cause I so casually/often stand on top of mountains with my friends… And they’re talking about all of what they’re seeing below. And I’m just like That’s REALLY FAR! Like, how do you see that?!! Or, growing up…I grew up in Toronto (shout out!) Specifically, I grew up in a town called Oakville. Which is in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) And you can stand at Lake Ontario in Oakville and see across the lake, and see the CN tower! And from the time I was little people would be like, “Look! a clear day! You can see the CN Tower!!” I was like, “What do you mean!? You can see a tower??!” “…that’s a 45 minute drive away, and across a LAKE!?” Like….UGGGH FLOWERS!! They smell and feel so pretty, so I feel like they probably look really beautiful. And it also amazes me that people can identify flowers by looking at them When I feel like there’s sooooo many types of flowers. It’s just a lot TT I feel like they’re probably really beautiful. Comment below and let my know what you think the most aesthetically pleasing or most beautiful thing is to look at!…I’d be really interested to know 🙂 I wonder how many people will say flowers. The fact that you can gather so much information about a person …by LOOKING them! I have to like, actually make an effort to talk to a person, and get to know them. You guys just see them, and are like “OH!!” “They’re Asian, they’re short, they have long hair…” “…they’re wearing an Ed Sheeran T-shirt” You just know! You can look at them, and like…BOOM! You know a ton of base information about the person. I don’t! I don’t have any of that! That’s so weird, that you, before even exchanging a hello with somebody, you’d be like… “Yeah…I know some stuff about you.” That’s all I have to say ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Being able to see at night. For those who don’t know, my disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, is typically classically seen as like- the first signs are: tunnel vision, and night blindness. I have been night blind from the tim I was born. Never been able to see in dim or dark lights. So just the idea of seeing… at NIGHT? Like it was always just one of those things, like, sun goes down; Molly can’t see. It was just, that’s my life. So the idea that your vision isn’t limited to like, the span of which the sun is out… is pretty cool to me. Wow, you get to see for 24 hours of the day. Not just the window of time that you have. Ugh, winter was a… sad time of season for me growing up. The detail in life. There is sooo much detail. The light, like- the world to me, during the hours of time the sun was up and I could actually see because it was bright enough, I never saw detail. Like, the world was, you know, it was just like a little… fuzzy. It was blurry and soft- the edges were softened, you know? It was not crisp. Nothing was clear. Nothing was with distance. Nothing was with depth or detail, none of that. In fact, I’ve never had depth perception. Make this 11. Depth perception amazes me. The fact that the world is not 2d. Because to me, the world was always just flat. There was no, like, depth. I couldn’t just reach and get something. It was like, “where is it?” So that’s pretty cool. You can see depth. Amazing. But for me, I didn’t grow up with details so the fact that you guys can see, like, individual eyelashes. Individual eyebrow hairs. Freckles, pores on somebody’s skin. A lot of people would be less attractive. I feel like, for me growing up, everybody was just like, slightly more attractive then they were. There was actually one time when I was a kid- This is horrible. Mini story time. They gave me- I was at a clinic where they having me like, test out different accessibility tools to see if anything was gonna like, help me. And one of the things I tried out was this magnifying glass, and I held it up and I looked at my mom, and I was like, a little kid, I was like 7. I was like “oh my goooddd you have so many more wrinkles than I thought!” But like. I could never see them ’cause I didn’t have detail! So just detail. That’s…. There’s a lot. You see a lot. So! There you go! Those are 10 things, as a blind person, that amaze me about the idea of having sight. I hope maybe this like, opened your eyes to seeing some of your world in a different way. Maybe taking things less for granted? I mean it’s not like I don’t take things for granted I’m sure there are things that I do take for granted. But these are things that I certainly don’t because I don’t have the ability to see them and I think it’s just, like, kind of amazing that you do! You know? Thank your eyes. Thank these little things. They do some good stuff for you. And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up if you did! hit that subscribe button, follow me on my social media, all of the links are right there Click those videos if you wanna see more of this face, and I’ll see you next time! Bye guys!


  1. Sight overload is generally ok for me, both because I’m shortsighted and because I can generally filter. But noise… I get so overstimulated and overwhelmed with noise sometimes

  2. I'm a new subscriber and ive been binge watching your channel lol. But i do have to say my favorite thing to look at is the sky, mainly sunsets and looking at the stars.

  3. Regarding sensory overload — People who have been blind since early childhood and have their vision restored via surgery tend to totally lose their minds. They can't cope with the sensory bombardment, especially since real vision takes place in the brain, where you make sense of the signals coming from your eyes. You can't really see something unless you know what you're looking at. Sighted people pick this up from infancy by seeing and manipulating things and training their brains to make sense of the input. A person who gets site in adulthood just sees colors and motions and shapes and can't make sense of most of it. You can read "Crashing Through," by Mike May, a man who had been blind since age 3 and got his sight back via a surgical breakthrough when he was in his 40s.

  4. I smiled when she said "details". I was pretty nearsighted and I got my first glasses in grade school. Suddenly trees were collections of leaves, not green blobs, that sort of thing. It was amazing that I could see details on stuff more than 3 or 4 feet away.

  5. I know this video is old but molly you are so pretty! You have beautiful long hair in this video, I love your thick brows, and your make up and your personality makes you even better 🥰

  6. Most beautiful things to look at : sunset, scenery such as beaches, mountains, or deserts. City skyscrapers are nice. Someone mentioned stars. I live near a city so I don’t get to see such bright stars. Oh but one time I saw a meteor shower! I was randomly on the phone and looked up at the sky and I counted over 50! They were just balls of light shooting across the sky. It was the coolest thing ever! Never saw another meteor shower.

  7. Mountains by far are the most aesthetically pleasing thing I have ever seen and I am convinced they are the best I or anyone will ever see. Mountains, the sky, the clouds 😍

  8. Honestly as a guy, it's beautiful women. Flowers are very pretty, but a like really beautiful women is always going to be the most fun thing to look at. Also like the mountains in Estes Park, Colorado are a very close second.

  9. Besides pure happiness and love I’d have to say a night landscape. Specifically Northern Lights during a full moon, with countless stars over a beautiful lake by the woods. The wonderful scent of lavender and nature and just.. ah. Heaven.

  10. Looking at a person is not a good way of knowing a person , its good you can't see. ( not to mean offense) only seeing a person causes stereotypes, sometimes racism. Yes seeing a persons beaty is nice but the ugly inside is bad its constantly changing. Flowers to me dont smell good to me they are beautiful but when they die its ugly and sad. The most beautiful thing in the world is a person who is smiling anyone. Food is wonderful to look at, babies after their born. Trees are to me the most pleasurable part of the worl and rain. Trees let us see the wind. Thank you for your videos.

  11. The sunset has to be one of my favorite things to see. The mix of colors is always unique and so incredible. Also the mention of detail and depth is soooo true. I'm not blind and my vision is able to correct to about 20/20 with glasses or contacts, but without them the world is very blurry and my depth perception is terrible. I had a more significant change to my prescription than usual this year and for the first day or two I was stumbling around so much because I couldn't tell how far to step and see the depth properly. I can't imagine how it would be to have no sight at all – honestly it's one of my biggest fears.

  12. Sometimes it is overwhelming. Plus sometimes u have the added sense of sound and it makes things even more overwhelming. For example–If I visit New York City, it's extreamly overwhelming for me. Or if you go to a concert–there's hundreds of people, cheering, moving against you, screaming, the music, the flashing lights, the smoke, the overall loudness of it all. Sometimes it is overwhelming.

  13. tbh, as someone with a very high glasses prescription, (i am VERY near sighted so everything thats more than an inch away from my face is blurry. VERY blurry.) that moment when i get a new prescription and can see super clear, 20/20 vision details is always breathtaking for the first day or so. im lucky my vision can be corrected, but i kind of get what you mean about being amazed at the details people can see so easily. just losing my glasses is always a huge pain because i rely on them so much and without them, i cant see them in order to find them lol

  14. Things I love to watch:
    Flames in fireplace
    Waves when the sea is rough

    To answer to one of your puzzels over sighted people‘s abilities: to be overwhelmed by too much vision, I guess one should be surrounded by bright colorful different objects, covering the walls, ceiling and floor complitely, so that your eyes have no rest. That way it would be like being surrounded by different loudspeakers playing loudly different songs

    I hope this helps to give you an idea.

    Hugs and kisses from Italy 😘

  15. Most beautiful thing to see? It's not really an image. Its the understanding of an image. When a grandfather looks at his grandson with tears in his eyes. It can mean so many things and it can feel so many different ways. I love images with stories. Those are what I find beautiful.

  16. When I got glasses for the first time I looked at my mom and said "i didn't know you had all those red spots on your face"

    I honestly had no clue how much I was missing in the world. I still have no clue tbh

  17. One thing Im super greatful to be able to see is the night sky. Im a huge fan of science, Space is one of my favorite topics. Stars that are billions of miles away are visible. And there is much more out there than stars. People over the ages began naming stars and connected the dots to create pictures like a lion for the constellation Leo, and the big and little dippers are in the shapes of spoons!

    Light reflects on almost everything making the planets visible like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars! They are super tiny unusually colored stars (usually red or tan or orange looking) when they do cross our sky, and looking into a telescope gives you the ability to see even them in pretty amazing detail! Even the moon is visible most nights when the light reflects. And comets and meteors are some of my favorite things to witness from the crazy universe just past our little planet if you are lucky enough to be in the right place to see it! Its pretty rare though!

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! Its definitely a good thing to be appreciative of what you have! Thanks again!

  18. Molly! When you said that you didn't know people could see freckles, I realized that you might not know that you have freckles! Did you know that you have a freckles? It's not like your whole face is covered, but you definitely do have them.

  19. I have fairly good sight, but apart from RGB and CMY(K), I know only brown (and violet and purple, because I am geek). So, it is like 10 colours, I met some people who can name 100 colours, which is crazy.

  20. I have something to say about the whole 'getting overwhelmed' by being able to see all the things!

    Only a small percentage of our field of vision is in 'HD'. The rest is low definition and blurry. So that probably helps us not get overwhelmed.

  21. I have a weird idea.
    I wonder when your sitting in a crowded park or mall or somewhere and you use your hearing and other senses to observe people, how you would describe those people walking and talking around you to an illustrator. Might be neat to see how much your imagination matches the real thing.

  22. Most aesthetically pleasing thing to me are sunsets. The sky and the clouds as well run a spectrum of all the colours except green. The landscape itself is somewhat dark due to the sun not reaching everything and this creates a silhouette against the sky with great clarity due to the contrast. Never ceases to amaze. Dawn is comparable, but usually your mind tends to be occupied in the morning. What is very nice during dawn is that it's often somewhat foggy so the sunlight is scattered a bit more. Hard to explain the effect if one is unable to see. Scattered light creates a halo of colours, it's not a point source. It feels quite intimate. It's why candles are considered romantic, they create the same effect.

    After writing the above I skimmed through the other reactions. People seem to agree. It is no surprise. Sunsets win. What I would like to add is that there is a difference between seeing and hearing when it comes to how good we are as humans to create experiences based on those senses. For hearing we have music for instance. The best music is easily the best auditory experience I can think of. For visuals we have never come close to beating nature. We are able to create highly impressive stuff, absolutely. There are video games nowadays that make jaws drop like nothing, but no one can claim that it's even close to beating what nature can conjure up at times. Best artificial experiences visually are generally architectural because the scope of it is highly impressive. Especially cathedrals from the inside can be particularly breathtaking. Nowadays we are venturing into VR which gives us 360 degrees of vision in relatively high fidelity. It is still early days, but the potential is there for truly impressive artificial experiences. Still, when I imagine what I would most like to see in VR, it's still just going to be the sun setting over an alien world.

    Also of note is the following. What these artificial visual experiences lack, often completely, is the sense of the moment. This is very important for the effect on the individual. A sunset is just then and there, it is amazing for those couple of minutes and then it's gone. Or like the sun breaking through clouds, you can see all these beams of light on a shadowed earth. It's just that single moment of utter glory. You hardly have time to take a picture with your phone. A bolt of lightning is also funny. It's a split second of one of the most terrific and violent things on earth but it overexposes your eye so much you can still see it's print in your vision for seconds afterwards (if it was sufficiently close to you that is). That momentary nature of these experiences you can't possibly hope to recreate artificially. I have no comparable experiences of auditory nature where I felt extremely lucky to be able to experience something. Only music, which is artificial. I also like the sound of trains a lot, still artificial.

    tl;dr: Sunsets.

  23. @Molly Burke being able to see people isnt always a great thing. Your way means you don't automatically judge people on the way they look. You actually judge them on who they are! So many people nowadays assume based solely on how you look, dress, health, disability (as you may well know), your race, religion or a mixture of the above.
    Love your positive outlook on life, never lose it please, your videos shines both a happy and an educational light into the world!

    EDIT: The most wonderful and beautiful thing I love to look at is the moon through my telescope, all its mountains and craters and all the history up there. Its magnificent!

  24. I think it is amazing that you can read Braille! I have a VI student in my classroom.I am working with him on pre-reading skills and oh, my!! It is so hard! Do you think it took you longer to read Braille than it takes sighted children to master the same skill in print or is it about the same for blind children who do not have other developmental differences?
    Have you made a video about learning Braille? Or about learning cane skills ?
    Thank you!

  25. Hi Molly, i have anosmia (means I cannot smell) I always try to imagine what it would be like to be able to smell. I guess that it would be sooooo overwhelming. Crazy.

  26. I can relate to the depth perception thing. I'm sighted but my eyes still don't work properly and I aparently don't have depth perception either. I say aparently because what I see is normal to me so I've no idea what fully sighted people mean by depth.. The mind boggles

  27. For me the most beautiful thing to look at is any scenery in theatre… I really can't explain why, it's just pure fascination how much creativity must have been put into this…

  28. I think they most beautiful thing is kinda weird, I think it's movement. Let me explain, a cat walking or a phone vibrating. The fact that everything can work together and MOVE something!

  29. For me the most beautiful thing to look at is the stars in the sky. Even if it's super light polluted and you can't see much detail, I love that no matter where I am, if I look up at the sky I can still see the same patterns or constellations. It just blows my mind.

  30. Wow, this is a fascinating list! Also, for me as an autistic, seeing so much all the time actually can be very overwhelming! (Though my hearing is more sensitive to overstimulation than my sight.)
    Most pleasing thing to look at: animals being happy and playing.
    Most aesthetically pleasing things to look at: celestial phenomena like sunsets and rainbows and rays of light slanting from between clouds.

  31. It never ceases to amaze me how you can SEE the intensity of the emotions a person carries within just by looking into their eyes, especially with strong emotions like joy, love, hatred, fear, sadness, melancholy, agony, emptiness etc. Eyes truly are the window to the soul.
    Another thing your eyes can see that is breathtaking is nature; how at first glance it seems static, but once you start paying attention to details, you see just how much it pulsates with life.

  32. what i find wierd is that this girl is so pretty and puts so much effort in her looks more than girls who can see it so great i wish i could explain to her how pretty she it

  33. Most beautiful thing to look at: clouds in the sky. They always look different and are different colors and depths, based on how sunlight bounces off of them and how much moisture they carry or dense they are. Flowers are beautiful, but clouds stop me in my tracks.

  34. Most people do get overwhelmed if they have to focus on looking at stuff for a long time. Most of the time, when you're looking, you don't pay attention to most of the things. It's the same as hearing, I'm sure you also get overwhelmed if you have to focus on sounds all-day. But most background sounds just pass you by. Easiest example is driving, drive for a couple hours and it gets very tiring 😀

  35. Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, simply stunning!  Watching snow fall. I also love looking at a city from a distance at night – the way all the lights look like they twinkle.

  36. Lighthouses, sunsets, sunrises, the ocean, glacier lagoons, sailboats, and beautiful architecture like bridges and viaducts!! I can't pick one thing at all!

  37. Beautiful things to see in this world:
    1. The night sky in the countryside
    2. Silhouettes of giant mountains at night
    3. City lights at night
    4. The sunrise
    5. Fire
    6. Peoples' eyes
    7. Old family photos
    8. Flying over top of the rockie mountains
    9. People watching at the arrival terminal of an airport
    10. Yes, and most definitely flowers. A whole field of them

  38. One of my favorite things to look at is sunsets and sunrises. Flowers and sunsets together is even better. Sometimes it’s so astounding that you, or at least I, can’t believe how something can be so beautiful. And every day it’s different. The world is so incredible!

  39. "When I'm driving… not me, no one wan;t to let me on the road." I love this girl. Molly, your point of view is so unique. It's refreshing.

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