👩 My Body Changed Abruptly And Brought About A Ton Of Problems

Hi, I’m Annie. I’m 15. Please watch this till the end, you’ll see how things can get weird just because the way you look has changed. I had a problem. At 15, my breasts didn’t grow at all. I was very scrawny and looked a boy, so I wore baggy shirts and jeans, sneakers. I was ok with that. But after one summer I got curves. Never thought it would change things so much. I’ve been doing Karate since I was 8. I have my karate pals. THey’re like a family to me. I thought it would stay that way. I was uncomfortable with my curvy figure and shy about having boobs. I was scared to go to a practice. THe only girl in our group. You know how it feels to be stared at? Have you ever felt awkward about the way you look? Let me know in comments. As for me, I wished the floor would swallow me. Sam, who I partner with during practice, didn’t look me in the eye. He looked at my boobs. This was confusing. And he asked me out for a walk after the practice. We went to the movies and in the middle of the show he kissed me! I pushed him away, shocked. He could hardly wait till the end and ran away right after. What had gotten into him! Next practice, everyone was looking at me with disdain and scorn. Sam approached and said, “I’m not gonna partner with you again, you perve.” I was floored. It was HIM who hit on me the other day! No one wanted to partner with me, I practiced alone. I left sad and broken. Mom asked me what was wrong, so I told her. She said I should be proud of my new body. Next practice, I came in a new dress. The guys stared even more and I practiced alone again. After the practice Sam texted me and asked me out again. Then Nick and other guys. They all asked me out or offered partnering in practice. I was shocked. Did my newly grown boobs turn the table? I still considered them pals, but they obviously saw girlfriend material. I was so upset! I wanted to undo everything. Besides, none of them told me anything face to face. Next day, I was at the movies at 6 pm, hiding behind a column. First there was Sam, then Nick and all others. I had fun watching them explaining how they got there. I actually had agreed to a date with all of them and they didn’tknow! They all acted like they came to see a movie. And then I came out of my hiding. They didn’t know how to react. Nick was the first to say ‘oh, hi Annie, wanna join us?” I frowned. “Don’t act like you’re all here by coincidense. Each asked me on a date. You laughed and me and now want to date me?” The guys felt guilty. Either you all start acting normal again or I’ll post a pic called ‘Annie’s group date” and your text messages. We’ll see who laughs then.” Nick was confused, but apologizes and others did too. Sam was the last. He was sorry about making up that I hit on him in the movies. And that wasn’t the only thing he’d made up. That’s why everyone had avoided me. Funny how I almost lost my guy pals because of sudden boobs. Have you ever been seen differently when the way you looked changed? How did you cope? If you want more people to see this, please like this video. Subscribe and Hit the little bell to know when we post our next vid! Have a good day!


  1. It actually reminds me of a tv show lol 😂 it’s about a girl who lost weight and got huge boobs so everyone at school wanted to go on date with her😂

  2. Actually, at 2019, I was HUGE like overweight, my classmates don't have any p, but mom had, so I started to practice at the sport club, I lost weight, before this, mom would never ever buy me clothes and make me wear already worn clothes from my sister, I was really upset, they would go to the mall to buy winter clothes, They chose a TON of things, I only asked for a coat, it was beautiful, but when I wear it, mom said, " you know, you look sooo fat in it, pick a thing that hide your pig look", I didn't choose anything, And my siblings won't miss a chance to tell me I'm fat or ugly,y twin brother who is sooooooo under weight call me "BIG MOM" as the one piece character, atfer I lost weight, they behaved differently, mom would give buy me alot of things, and my siblings stopped telling me some random nickname, I'm planning to lose more weight, So I could reach a point that any thing I want to wear would fit on me

    Wish me luck

  3. “I wished the flirt would swallow me.”
    *Me literally every time I come in late to class and people are looking at me like I’m some kind of AlIeN*

  4. Some guys are jerk everytime they talk to us they get mad if we don't listen to them but whenever we started talking they look like they really care but all there doing it's looking at your chest the whole time as we started talking I hate that!

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